3G25W-R Modem - Bridged Mode

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Re: 3G25W-R Modem - Bridged Mode


Hello, @something1965


Thank you for updating the Community with your attempts to gain remote access to the router and the phone system. I think WhatsmyIP will show the Public IP of the hub. The router/AP should have the internal IP allocated by the hub. 


@Community - Anybody experience with remote access please chime in. 




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Resident Expert
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Re: 3G25W-R Modem - Bridged Mode

Generally in my experience from on here.. that with any of the cellular, you can not directly remote access it from it outsid, at least by default.


In general, cellular IPs will not respond to ping, etc.  They are not directly routable.

So therefore, can not do port forwarding.

The only way that i know of, is to pay for a static IP. 
It forces a static IP which doesnt change, and then does direct routing to the cellular networks IP.

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Re: 3G25W-R Modem - Bridged Mode

Sorry for the 3rd and final time as my email replies setting was turned off...


I am convinced that yes it is not possible with the Hotspot unless static IP and yes you also cannot bridge mode it.




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