usb storage on CGN3

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usb storage on CGN3

My CGN3 indicates that there are two usb devices connected, physically there is none.

I tried to reset the system but the issue wont go away. I cannot access my usb flash drive when I insert it to either of the ports, on 1, file:// and on 2, file://, even when there are none connected.

I used to connect the connect my usb flash drive when I was using the previous CGN3 issued to me, and access the files from all of my devices when I am connected to my home network.



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Re: usb storage on CGN3

Call tech support and ask the CSR if there is any setting that causes the CGN3 to retain the previous USB data, and if so, is there a release or flush data facility that you don't have access to, but that could be used by tech support delete the previous info?  Unfortunately there is no published list of functions for the Hiton modems that the user should have access to (as in with any other normal consumer router) that are visible and accessible to tech support only.