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slow wifi

I've Been Around

so i believe its been the past 4-5 months that i have been having a problem with my wifi. there are 3 people in my house that use the wifi at the same time and in december january and february there was really no problem at all with speed but i started noticing thing like being disconected from the interne while using wifi with my devices which are laptops and phones. now after being on the phone for an hour with a lady that had no idea what she was talking about kept getting me to check the internet speed which i couldnt because i couldnt be on the internet any longer then 3 mintes before my router would restart she then told me to reset it myself using the usb that the tech had left. after reseting my router the problem was fixed for about 2 weeks and all of our devices were back to disconecting because the router would reboot this problem has since then dissapeared with no explanation but we now have a new problem and that is extremely slow internet while using the wifi when i play online game mainly nhl14 and league of legend i experience extreme amounts of lag but when im connecte through an ethernet cable the lag goes away now i could obviouslyjust connect my laptop and ps3 to my router everytime i want to play but that just takes out of the convienence of being able to play wherever i want in my house i just want to know if there is any way to fix my wifi speed so i dont have to directly hook up to my touter everytime i want to do something.



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Re: slow wifi

I've Been Around

Different device speeds


When I sit in the same room with my wifi router and use my laptop wirelessly, my download speed is say 200 Mbps but the download speed for my iPhone or iPad is say 65 Mbps, roughly 1/3. Why is this happening and what can be done to increase the speeds related to those handheld devices? Thanks

Re: slow wifi

Hello, @MWalker


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. Different devices may indeed show different speeds depending on various factors like hardware, distance and orientation of the router and devices etc.  


Do you know when you have tested the speed, all your devices connected to the same network? Like the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz network. 


What's the modem's model? Are you using a third party router? 


Looking forward to hearing from you.