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slow wifi

I've Been Around

so i believe its been the past 4-5 months that i have been having a problem with my wifi. there are 3 people in my house that use the wifi at the same time and in december january and february there was really no problem at all with speed but i started noticing thing like being disconected from the interne while using wifi with my devices which are laptops and phones. now after being on the phone for an hour with a lady that had no idea what she was talking about kept getting me to check the internet speed which i couldnt because i couldnt be on the internet any longer then 3 mintes before my router would restart she then told me to reset it myself using the usb that the tech had left. after reseting my router the problem was fixed for about 2 weeks and all of our devices were back to disconecting because the router would reboot this problem has since then dissapeared with no explanation but we now have a new problem and that is extremely slow internet while using the wifi when i play online game mainly nhl14 and league of legend i experience extreme amounts of lag but when im connecte through an ethernet cable the lag goes away now i could obviouslyjust connect my laptop and ps3 to my router everytime i want to play but that just takes out of the convienence of being able to play wherever i want in my house i just want to know if there is any way to fix my wifi speed so i dont have to directly hook up to my touter everytime i want to do something.



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Re: slow wifi

@Blanchard77 wrote:

Ok but when I check my Wi-Fi it said strong and I'm connect but I can't play game or go on Facebook. Or get email.
But I need to turn off my WiFi and put my data. And I can go play or check email.



Is your home phone and cable tv working? If they are then try the following with the modem:


Try a wired device connected to the modem and see if that works. If nothing works , then I suggest you unplug the modem for 10 seconds then plug it back in and allow it to boot up.


If all else fails then call Rogers tech support and have them check the signal and see what's going on.

Re: slow wifi

I've Been Here Awhile
Ok I don't have home phone.yes my cable working everything work except my Wi-Fi it so weird

Re: slow wifi

WiFi Upload/Download speed


Hi Guys new here. So I recently got Rogers service internet and cable installed a month ago. I have the unlimited high-speed 1G package for my internet. However I find my WiFi being extremely slow. Upon doing the speed test using Rogers app my download speed on 5G shows 165mbps and upload shows under 20mbps. This explains why I was not able to upload Facebook or Instagram app when on WiFi however on my data I had no issue running these apps. I have opened up a service ticket with Rogers who confirmed that is a very slow speed for a 1G package... Anyone here have any insights as what to expect? Thanks.

Re: slow wifi

I Plan to Stick Around

Exact same position with glitchy wifi over last few months. Long story short after many CSR conversations and tech visits where connectors were changed in the house and at box with no improvement, I asked Rogers to come move my Hitron modem from basement office (where they have been for years without problem) to main floor family room where all the wifi stuff happens.  Result is outstanding 100-200Mbps  on 2.4 and 5G. Should have done this months ago and saved myself and Rogers a lot of aggravation. Tech who did the modem move ( he spent 10 min putting a splitter on my cable box coax; signal on cable box coax was so strong they had put  a filter on it in the past so splitter was no prob). 


Was ready to move to new ISP after CSR said my devices were old and I should not expect to get as strong a signal as in the past (oldest was 2 IPads 2-3 yrs old!) and that I should go to BestBuy and buy a wifi extender or get the new Rogers mash system! Glad I gave it one last try, last Rogers tech said the reason stuff worked seamlessly in the past is that people used to have only a few wifi devices in house but now with all smart devices connected (I have 8 wifi atm), the wifi sytem both home and in immediate area gets overloaded and glitches become more frequent esp at 2.4G band (I could not use 5G band due to weak range signal).


Now I have everything I can on 5G, and even the 2.4G stuff is >100Mbps. Rogers CSRs need to factor modem position/relocation into resolving frequent/recurring difficult to resolve wifi complaints. Original position (1980s) based on being beside desktop computer in home office may no longer be the right config for 2018 wifi environment. 





Re: slow wifi

Wifi speed drops dramatically at night


Someone help please!

We cut the cable and went with Apple TV and an android box for streaming movies etc. I have a modem bridged to the Cintron modem and have spent a lot of money on a new hardware and every night when we want to watch a movie of something in my bedroom on the second floor the signal dies. It's lightning fast during the day but is absolute garbage at night. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


Forgot to mention that we have ignite 250