slow internet speed issues

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Re: slow internet speed issues

You have packet loss just getting to the first node beyond the modem, so thats not good.  Hopefully by addressing the situation that is currently affecting your signal levels, all of the packet loss on that trace will disappear.  

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Re: slow internet speed issues

I have the 500/20 package and when I try watching HD videos online from Rogers On Demand, the videos keep buffering and it is really annoying as if I am on dialup.


Are there any issues in my area (Meadowvale and 401 in Scarborough?)  I tried restarting my modem and I had no improvement.  I am using Cat 6 wiring so it is not a wifi issue and my signal levels I think are OK.  Please advise.


Downstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)
1 645000000 256QAM 0.600 9 35.780
2 591000000 256QAM 2.200 1 36.610
3 597000000 256QAM 2.600 2 37.636
4 603000000 256QAM 2.300 3 36.610
5 609000000 256QAM 2.200 4 36.610
6 615000000 256QAM 1.400 5 36.610
7 621000000 256QAM 0.700 6 36.387
8 633000000 256QAM 0.100 7 35.780
9 639000000 256QAM 0.200 8 35.780
10 651000000 256QAM -0.400 10 35.780
11 657000000 256QAM -0.500 11 35.780
12 663000000 256QAM 1.000 12 36.387
13 669000000 256QAM 1.400 13 36.387
14 675000000 256QAM 1.600 14 36.610
15 681000000 256QAM 1.900 15 36.387
16 687000000 256QAM 1.200 16 36.610
17 693000000 256QAM 0.400 17 36.387
18 699000000 256QAM 0.000 18 35.780
19 705000000 256QAM -0.800 19 35.780
20 711000000 256QAM -1.300 20 35.780
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID BandWidth
1 30596000 ATDMA - 64QAM 42.000 2 6400000
2 23700000 ATDMA - 64QAM 40.500 3 6400000
3 38596000 ATDMA - 64QAM 44.000 1 3200000






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Re: slow internet speed issues

Hello community! I am experiencing some weird speed issue when using web browser (both Chrome and Edge) and Youtube. Currently, I am using ignite 250u package and my laptop is directly connected to Rocket Modem with no Bridge mode or other set ups (if there is any, I am not expert on this). I live in Downtown Toronto area, Saint Nicholas Residence to be exact (very close to Yonge and Bloor). 


Since last week, sometimes accessing UofT webmail and accessing other websites take unusually longer time or even few rare occasions time out message pops up. Try to watch videos on Youtube on 720P or 1080P (since I have no limited data usage so why not lol) causes significant lag (very choppy video stream, stop and loading, stop and loading and it repeats). This happens on both my laptop and cell phone (Wi-Fi), try to watch something on Youtube become downright annoying. Funny thing though, the internet speed comes back normal for sometime then the speed problem ensues after certain time. Another thing that I need to mention is that when I try to speed test on the link that provided by Rogers does not work at all (freezes during download speed test) but doing on other site works ok, and result shows nothing wrong at all. Download speed is also fine, but using web browser and clients like Steam, EA Origin and Uplay is lot slower now days. 


So I am curious whether this has to do with fact that the package that I am using for more than a year is gone now (found out yesterday) or has to do with the Rogers Ethernet line that installed in my condo that is giving me trouble cause around the area where I live, there is ongoing construction that replacing older hydro pipelines to new ones for few weeks, maybe this somehow affecting the Ethernet speed? 


Here is my DOCSIS WAN. 


ps. Is it good idea to upgrade package to 500u? If I do that, do I need to change router to the newer one?


DOCSIS Overview
Network Access Permitted
Subnet Mask
DHCP Lease Time 😧 07 H: 00 M: 00 S: 00
Downstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)
1 645000000 256QAM 1.800 15 38.605
2 579000000 256QAM 2.200 5 38.605
3 585000000 256QAM 2.200 6 38.605
4 591000000 256QAM 2.300 7 38.983
5 597000000 256QAM 1.600 8 38.605
6 603000000 256QAM 1.900 9 37.356
7 609000000 256QAM 1.800 10 37.636
8 615000000 256QAM 2.500 11 38.605
9 621000000 256QAM 2.000 12 38.605
10 633000000 256QAM 1.500 13 38.605
11 639000000 256QAM 1.900 14 37.636
12 303000000 256QAM 0.900 1 35.780
13 651000000 256QAM 2.200 16 38.983
14 657000000 256QAM 2.000 17 37.636
15 663000000 256QAM 2.000 18 38.605
16 669000000 256QAM 1.700 19 38.983
17 675000000 256QAM 1.800 20 38.605
18 681000000 256QAM 2.400 21 38.605
19 687000000 256QAM 2.400 22 38.605
20 693000000 256QAM 2.000 23 38.605
21 699000000 256QAM 1.500 24 38.605
22 705000000 256QAM 1.300 25 38.605
23 711000000 256QAM 2.200 26 38.605
24 717000000 256QAM 2.500 27 38.605
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Bandwidth
1 30596000 ATDMA - 64QAM 46.000 3 6400000
2 13696000 ATDMA - 64QAM 44.250 1 6400000
3 23700000 ATDMA - 64QAM 45.000 2 6400000
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Re: slow internet speed issues

Hi @itssunnyday,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for reaching out!


Inconsistent speeds are definitely a pain.  Your 250u plan should totally be able to stream YouTube without much buffering or lag.  Very odd that you have the same issue on a wired connection and via Wi-Fi.


If you'd like us to take a closer look, please send us a private message @CommunityHelps and we can run some tests and figure out what's going on.


For more information on our private messaging system, check out our blog.


Kind regards,


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Re: slow internet speed issues

So Ive had the rogers service installed June 2017 and from day one I noticed I wasn't getting the speeds i should have been getting.  I called and was advised they upgraded me to the 150.  Still no change.  So after chatting online multiple times and been given the round around im getting a router sent tomorrow to see if that changes anything. 


So i asked for some sort of compensation and the rep said "I'll give you $15 for 4 days of slow speeds"   Really Rogers?  Really??????  4 days? I was that insulted that I had to end the online chat with the Rogers support. 


Is this the way you treat all your customers?  I pay over $200 for your services each month.  I got skip and lag in the tv channels and slow internet....but hey who cares right, Its not like i'm a valued customer or anything.


Anyone else getting service like this? 

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Re: slow internet speed issues

Generally rogers SHOULD be able to provide the speeds in most areas.. there are people on here with the 200+ speed packages and are able to get them with no issues.

That being said.. there are things which overall can make a difference on the speed.. and there may be things that can be checked (and sometimes fixed) to help it.

A) When doing any speed tests, where are you doing it? (what site, and what end servers?)
Also are you doing the test on a wired connection?  It will overall prove that the modem is throughputting the full speed (wireless, is another issue)

B) Wireless... we can help do a few test things, to see if its a wireless interfearance thing, etc.. or even if the wireless card can handle the speeds properly.

C) Signal.  Signal issues are one of the leading things that can lead to speed drops.  If you are able to log into the modem, and go to the docsis wan page, and post the signal levels, we can take a look to see if that is leading to anything.

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Re: slow internet speed issues

High Upload Speeds but Slow Download Speeds on 500gb Rogers Internet  New White Tower Modem



looking for some help.

Just got Rogers to install new 500gb service with the new white tower gigabit modem. I am getting really high upload speeds (750gb) but really slow download speeds (90gb) on a wired connection. Even worse speeds over wifi connection but Rogers says nothing shows wrong on their end but to me this is not normal. Paying for 500gb service but don't even get 100gb... What might be the issue? It was a brand new install 2 days ago and I have not made any changes to modem/routers default settings. I am only using Rogers new White Tower Router/modem and no other Router.

Any assistance much appreciated. Thanks


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Resident Expert
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Re: slow internet speed issues

Where are you doing your speedtests? THats one question, (which can effect things).

Secondary.. what color is the light on the back of the modem where the ethernet cable is plugged in?
Its possible its only linking at 100?

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: slow internet speed issues



I am using rogers speed test site but also used


getting similar results from both sites

my upload speeds are 6 or 7x faster than download which seems very odd

light on modem where ethernet cable is plugged in is green.



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Re: slow internet speed issues

@cousin_v, there's a problem here with your equipment or cabling.  The connected port LED at the back of the modem should be flashing Amber, meaning that the modem and device port are connected at 1 Gb/s.  That will support data rates up to a gigabit/sec.   Realistically you'll see 950/960 Mb/s as a max download rate. If the connected port LED is flashing green, that indicates that the modem and device ports are connected at 10/100 Mb/s.  Depending on the specific rate, you will see a maximum data rate of 10 Mb/s or 100 Mb/s.  


If you right click on the internet symbol at the lower right hand side of the taskbar, select "Open Network & Internet Settings".  Select "View your network properties" link in the lower portion of the page.  Have a look at the Link speed (Receive/Transmit) to see the actual modem port to pc port connection rate.  


I suspect that your connection stats are in Kilobits/sec.  Take a careful look at the speedtest results when the test finishes. 


So, given that the connected port LED is green, the question is why do the modem port and pc port connect at 10/100 Mb/s?  Either


1.  The connecting cable isn't connecting properly at one end or both.  (unplug and replug both ends)


2.  The cable itself is damaged and only supports 10/100 Mb/s.  (Swap the cable with a known good cable)


3.  The pc only has a 100 Mb/s port.  (Check the specs for the pc)


4.  The pc has a gigabit port, but, in the advanced settings for the ethernet adapter, the max rate is set for 10/100 Mb/s instead of 1 Gb/s.  (Check the advanced settings for the current data rate limit)