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nvidia shield

I'm trying to connect my nvidia shield to ethernet. i plug in cable but it doesn't recognize the connection. it then asks me if i want to set up manually. it gives two option DHCP or static. im confusedf as i have never had to do this before with any other device i just plug in cable and never had connection problems. my router is hitron cgn3. Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed. i also should mention wifi does work fine but as this is a streaming game machine would prefer wired connection 


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Re: nvidia shield


Hello, @byran


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I appreciate you posting your query in the Community. I understand occasionally things won't work as they are meant to, usually, when you plug in the Ethernet cable from your CGN3 modem to the Nvidia Shield, it should get connected to the Internet. Have you tried rebooting both the modem and the Nvidia Shield? You can also try a different Ethernet cable. 


If everything fails and you have to do the manual setup then you can choose the DHCP option and go through the prompts. You don't need to enter any username or password. The other option of static IP would be little tedious, however, we will do our best to walk you through if required. 


All the best!