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Re: no email

Good afternoon folks!


Let's remember to keep it civil, please! Our REs are volunteers here to help but it is difficult for them to offer real assistance if the questions they ask go unanswered. For instance, knowing the exact error you get when you try to send/receive email can be instrumental in leading us directly to a solution.


I am sorry @defazto that we were unable to find a solution for you on the forums but as this is primarily a customer based community, sometimes issues arise that are outside of a customers ability to resolve amongst themselves. This email issue sounds like one of those cases as it was most likely a provisioning issue, which only we can resolve from our end.


If you ever encounter an issue where you to reach us directly for support, you can always shoot us a PM @CommunityHelps where we're more than happy to help! If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here. 




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Re: no email

@defazto wrote:

1. How the heck do I know what they did. 

2. I didn't get one ounce of help on this forum ---just more grief.

1. You could have asked.

2. Actually, in post 2 I stated:



I hope that you get your e-mail/internet working ASAP, however, these sorts of issues do arise occasionally when provisioning a new service/modem.  I've had it happen myself with my Internet being down for over a week a few years ago, when simply switching out a modem.  Keep at 'em.  

As stated by @RogersCorey this was likely the problem, however, I guess we'll never know.