massive usage report discrepancies

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I Plan to Stick Around
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massive usage report discrepancies

I have Rogers lowest priced internet package, which means a 25 GB monthly limit.  Way more than adequate for my purposes, since I typically use half of that.


From October 1, 2013 to March 14, 2014 (165 days)  I used the grand total of 69.56 GB.  My modem was turned on 24/7 during that time.  There's no router.  My computer has up-to-date anti-virus and malware software which has never found any issues.  There is only one computer and one computer user in the household.


On March 18, I received notification from Rogers that I had exceeded my monthly limit.  When I logged into my usage page, I was blown away.


From just March 15 to March 21 (7 days) they're saying I have used 84.39 GB.


Since the 18th, I've been unplugging my modem when I don't require the internet, and on the 19th I started logging the time that the modem has been disconnected.  From March 19 to today, my modem has been unplugged a total of 65.5 hours, and they're still saying I've used 25.15 GB in the past 3 days.  That's more than I've typically used in a 2-month period with my modem plugged in 24/7.


I've already contacted Rogers Management Office and told them that I refuse to pay these additional use charges.  The reply I received was "Based on the information on your past usage, I can definitely apply a one time adjustment for the additional usage charges on your current billing cycle."  But no other explanation for these beyond massive discrepancies was 

provided.  I replied and stated that a one time adjustment is not acceptable.  I'm entitled to an explanation, and I shouldn't have to unplug my modem when not in use, and log my internet usage (for my own information) when this has never been required in the more than 16 years that I've been with Rogers (previously Shaw, back in the day).


Has anybody else recently become aware of such massive discrepancies in their usage reports?



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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

I have not changed my user habits on my computer for a very long period of time. Then all of a sudden I get my last Rogers bill and find a charge of $70.00 for using 35GB of data over my limit of 60GB. First off I was not aware I even had a limit, because I had never come even close to using it. Now all of a sudden I get this ridiculous charge, with no prior notification. Then I start getting notices everyday saying I have used 75% of my monthly data limit.....I first got it three days into the month.....I would have to have been on the computer 24 ours a days to use that much data. It simply never happened. So I started down the trail of contacting Rogers Customer Service (which as we all know, is non existing). In any event when they sent me the data usage breakdown over a specific 5 day period, I was shocked to see that on two of those days I was not even home, my computer was shut off, and I did not use any other devices connected to my computer.


Rogers told me they created a "ticket" and someone from Rogers would call me to discuss their findings within 48 hours. That was 4 days ago....guess what?? Nobody called from Rogers...


Suffice to say I am refusing to pay for these "alledged" usage over my limit fees.


Has anybody else experienced this probelm. 

I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

Never had this problem, but do you have a wireless router by any chance?  If yes: Is it password-protected?  I've seen a lot of unsecured routers over the years.  I even know people who don't pay for their Internet access: they use their neighbour's unsecured wi-fi connection (without the neighbour's knowledge.)  That's the first thing that comes to mind, especially since you say that you weren't home for a few days and there was still usage on your account.


If you do have a wireless router and it is already password-protected, try changing the password (and of course, make sure it isn't too easy to guess.)  You can also try additional stuff like not broadcasting the SSID, allowing only the MAC addresses of devices you have in your home, etc...  None of this is completely foolproof, but it's a good deterrent for the average "bandwidth thief."

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

Do you have a wireless router?  Put a strong password on it.  Sounds to me someone is tapping into your network and stealing your bandwidth.  

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

You may have some spyware, or some application is creating internet traffic. I have experienced this first hand. You can search for tcpview. Download and run it. Have a look at the internet activity and which applications are responsible. You can then either change the application configuration or remove it.

I've Been Around
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

I have experienced the same problem. I have upgraded my internet package for the 60GB allowance and the issue persist. Our internet habits have not changed in the last year though.

I started monitoring my internet connection since that upgrade and I have discovered a few things so far.

First I tried everything rogers suggested. change wireless password, create a closed network, enable MAC filtering, and finally disabling the wireless network. For my surprise when I was using the SMC modem the "status" page was reporting a different figure in the WLAN section from the Roger's monitoring tool for the same period of time. Last thing suggested by customer service was to replace the modem; now I'm ussing a CISCO router.

Even I asked the family to stop doing any other use of the internet than the strictly necessary, no online games, no youtube, no nothing besides email and the websites for any homework research (unfair since I've got this package to have peace in mind and not impose any cumbersome restrictions to the kids).

Nothing has improved. I'm pretty sure know how to configure and set up a network, since that is my primary area of expertise, and I truly believe that Roger's usage tool has some kind of bug either reporting or collecting data. 

I have double checked every device (phone, console, computer, ereader) connected either wireless or wired, for splyware, malware, torrents, automatic updates, and any sort of similar software that can cause network traffic.

I did a test last month (December 2011) and the result was astonishing; basically I turned off wireless and disconnected every single cable (but power) from the modem. Surprisingly there was around 400 MB traffic reported by Rogers usage tool. 

I contacted Rogers to complain about this but the answer was the same: "you did it, there is no way for the modem to generate any trafic, but if so it would be negligible", nothing useful.

I even turned of the modem for 24+ hours the day before that test in order to eliminate any residual traffice from prior day.

I also have installed network monitoring software on every single computer, but the numbers didn't add up, and there is no software for some  hand held devices or game consoles, so my last hope is to set up a device (a standalone computer with fresh operating system and monitoring software) between the modem and my network in order to get the network traffic reports.

Something very annoying about this issue is the lack of interest from Rogers to truly address this problem and proactively give a solution, other than swapping modems or  thier technical support staff reciting the "quick troubleshooting guide".

Anyway this last step will allow me to collect enough data to raise a complaint to the CRTC or CCTS if necessary.



Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

Many people have claimed discrepancies.. 
But many theirs are fairly accurate (within reason).


A good portion of the time, it IS from on the peoples end.. PC, networkable other devices like hard drives, etc. 
Even a clean machine can sometimes have it, if its a syc issue with a cloud service, etc .
(helped someone here who's skydrive backup kept daily trying to upload 20g which he wasnt aware of)


Bigest thing, it to make sure something else isnt going on. 
Which modem/router do you  have?

Have you left it 100% unplugged for a full 24 hours?  IF there is usage reported in that period.. there is possibly were the discrepancie comes from (say something like where someone else is mac cloning your modem to have the usage show up as yours)

If it shows 0 for that 24..  next step would be PC.. again to see if SOMETHING on there is using it.
There are alot of monitoring software out there.. and since you only have the ONE device on the internet, right? it would monitor all the usage through it.  It willl catch if a completely valid app, is using something in the background and using it.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

Oh forgot to mention, that if you do the 24 hour thing make sure to call Rogers before hand and have them enter a note on your file that you are doing it. Make sure it's before you do it.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

No, I haven't tried leaving the modem unplugged for a full 24 hours yet.  I need to occasionally be able to access the internet for work purposes.  And yes there's only the one device in the home connected to the internet.


The modem is a 10 year old WebSTAR.  I mentioned that in my note to Rogers Mgmt, and they weren't concerned with that.


However, there has been a marked difference in the supposed data usage since I started unplugging the modem periodically.   These are the GB usage levels below that Rogers is showing.  I started unplugging the modem late in the day on  the 18th.


Mar 21 - 8.32

Mar 20 - 5.87

Mar 19 - 10.97

Mar 18 - 14.33

Mar 17 - 17.44

Mar 16 - 25.23

Mar 15 - 2.24


But that's 84.4 GB in just 7 days, as opposed to the 69.56 GB that I used in 151 days prior to that.  My internet usage or habits haven't changed, I haven't downloaded any new programs or software recently.  It's mind-boggling to me.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: massive usage report discrepancies

So, after tearing my hair out and seeing that my usage numbers continue to be grossly beyond anything that is representative of my internet usage, I finally discovered a "backdoor.0access" trojan on the computer.  Have not had any such issues before.  I use Malwarebytes Pro and it has always been very good.  It was their Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit which finally discovered the trojan.  So, I've done a bit of reading on it - does anybody know if this could be the cause of my inflated internet usage?  It definitely sounds like it could be, but I'm no expert.  In any case, it's now apparently gone, and I will just have to check in on my usage report again tomorrow and see if I can notice any positive change in my usage.