how to delete secondary email accounts

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how to delete secondary email accounts

hi all, i want to delete one of my email addresses as I keep getting hacked and then having spam sent to my contacts...can't seem to find how to remove this email address..?



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Solved! Go to Solution.
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Re: how to delete secondary email accounts



we would love to be of assistance, but we need more information.........


First, what kind of a computer and email are you running?  Are you using webmail of some kind, or are you using Outlook, for example.  The problem is that you have to solve this kind of an issue at the source, which would be to stop it from happening at all.


More to the point, it would be better to solve your hacking problems.  And, that is a much more complicated matter.  But, don't be shy.  We are here to help.......


So give us some more of the details.





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Re: how to delete secondary email accounts

As skinorth has suggested, you would be best to solve your hacking problems. However if you wish to delete a Rogers email account, you need to log into the master account.


On this page, you will find a link to delete any of the secondary email addresses set up on your account. 

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Re: how to delete secondary email accounts

Hi there is no link to delete secondary accounts as per the instructions posted here. Maybe something has changed? I have a secondary account i would also love to get rid of.