deleted emails

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deleted emails

my emails are automatically deleting from my inbox - how do I stop this ?



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Resident Expert
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Re: deleted emails

I am guessing this is on the webmail?

Are you using any other clients to VIEW/download the email? Like on a phone?

If you are using POP to collect them.. and do NOT have the settings for 'keep on server'
or have set it for keep on server but delete after X days..

It will delete them/download them from the webmail.

I've Been Around
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old saved inbox messages deleted and unavailable?

One morning my Rogers Yahoo email inbox had randomly releted over 1000 of my saved inbox emails. I cannot find these emails in any of my folders. I have only accessed my email account via my home computer. I have several incredibly important emails that I had saved in my inbox that I need back.  Please help.