cable internet down

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Re: cable internet down

Hey @mandilou2373@CSK1 


As a customer myself who relies heavily on the internet I can certainly appreciate the concern when it isn't working! Can you provide us with any details regarding your home internet service? 


  • What's the light pattern on your modem?
  • Are you connecting with a wired or a wireless connection?
  • Do you have any other services impacted?
  • Have you already tried rebooting the modem?
  • Have you made any changes to the modem's location or setup?
  • Have you made any recent account changes in regards to your internet?


The reason these questions are important is due to the nature of the infrastructure design. If there is an outage in a particular area, it isn't necessarily going to impact everyone in that area. It would depend on the node they're receiving service from. These questions help determine if there's a signal issue to your modem.