adding a router to Hitron CGN3

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adding a router to Hitron CGN3

Hi, having issues with low wireless signal in some parts of our home.  I'd like to add a router/repeater so that anyone connecting from the areas with low signal would just connect to the router/repeater instead.   Any ideas how to do this and also what harware to buy?


Modem is CGN3ACSMR 





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Re: adding a router to Hitron CGN3

not sure if this helps but my router is in the basement of my house and i have a house trailer that is 200FT+ away so i added a wi-fi range extender made by linksys and now i have a fairly decent wi-fi connection to the trailer,  i did a test dl from the trailer and got 5m dl rate and i was able to stream a movie from my house computer to the trailer with no buffering so i am thinking if that wrkd for me then maybe something like a wi-fi rang extender would help you out..

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Re: adding a router to Hitron CGN3

Also...wifi basics, these modems must be standing upright for the internal antennas to be pointing correctly. Modem should be 3 to 5 feet in the air on a shelf or something, with a clearance of at least 6 inches around it before adding a repeated. In my opinion, a powerline wifi extenter would be better than a repeater but others may have a different opinion.

Each time the WiFi signal is extended, there's a 50 percent signal loss.



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Re: adding a router to Hitron CGN3

"Each time the WiFi signal is extended, there's a 50 percent signal loss."


That's only true if using a cheaper single radio repeater that has to receive and transmit on the same channel as the source wifi.  Get a dual radio extender, it will rebroadcast on a different channel and not cut your bandwidth.  Also you can get a dual band extender, so it eg. receives on 2.4 and rebroadcasts on 5.8.  Again, no degradation.