You must update your Rogers email account settings

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Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

Just as an FYI, I got an e-mail from Rogers when I started this thread several weeks ago on all my e-mail accounts.  Recently I got a second e-mail on some of these accounts.  (Rogers appears to spread out the times in my case over a period of days).


Today, we got a phone call regarding the issue.  Unfortunately, my wife took the call,  listened to some of it and then hung up thinking that I was already aware of the situation and was not interested in any more news on the topic, so I don't know the specific contents of that call.


Seems pretty difficult to avoid this in my case anyway.  I have not yet made the changes since I'm letting this play out.  I have learned from years of experience not to be the first in such cases.

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Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

Yes I got a call today.  They gave a number to call for help  1-866-515-3047. Not sure if that's their standard tech support number (I have a different one but I've been using that for years). I called it quickly and there is indeed an intro msg and then a press 1 for help with this issue , press 2 for other.   Don't have time now but will call them later and see if I can get my questions answered