You must update your Rogers email account settings

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I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 54

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

Yes, indeed.  I received another email notification this afternoon.

@RichardF wrote:
You're assuming there will be another communication....

Joking aside, does anyone know what sort of feedback Rogers has been getting?


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 271

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

I have yet to receive any email about this.


I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 86

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

I got two more emails last evening...both in red!   so I guess it is getting close.


I read the whole thread and skimmed most of the links and I admit I just don't see the point of the whole business. All it gets me is a 16 character password with no capitals, number or special characters  that somewhere is somehow associated with the particular mail app I use. 


So I have these new passwords written down(!) and until my email stops working I will just ignore the whole thing.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 54

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

I wouldn't wait until your email stops working.  I went through the procedure yesterday late afternoon.  I obtained the App Password for Microsoft Outlook and used it to update my Desktop and laptop (Mac Book Pro) that are running Outlook.  Also revised my password on my iPhone.  It all took minutes and are working ok.


I do have a few questions though:

1. How is this change supposed to prevent future hacks ? 

2. You now have one password for checking email using the webmail and  different ones that are application   specific - all pointing to the same mailbox.  Why is there so much concern with applications and not the webmail ?



I've Been Around
Posts: 2

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

the webpage at has App password update settings procedures for multiple email clients. Please provide step-by-step procedure specifically for MS Outlook for Mac 2011. App password for account at this client has already been obtained about 10 days ago. Thank you.

I've Been Around
Posts: 1

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

Hi Corey


I'd just like to clarify your last comment.  I have several email addresses, but I only ever access those accounts from my desktop using Windows Live Mail. I use a gmail account across all other devices. In this case I'm creating a single app password and using it for all my @rogers emails. Is that correct?


Thank you!

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 156

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

My concern has always been that it seems we are expected to have Outlook (etc) store the password, as opposed to best practice of always entering it each time.   Wont be long before someone figures out how to have  a virus or whatever hack the saved passwords.  And if we just write it down and enter it each time that's really cumbersome / error prone.


And with 4 or 5 accounts, 3 devices (currently) that's a lot of passwords.


My prediction .. extended call centre wait times as people phone or for help understanding the email / web page and then also keep calling back on ongoing basis for help when their passwords get in a muddle.


This is a CSR full employment program.   (Sorry... no disrespect to CSRs lol).


Could this be a plot to discourage use of mail clients and drive people to web mail?  

I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 5

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

Received this email from Rogers today and it seems like a major headache to me.  I don't use my @rogers email for anything except getting my Rogers bills and I'd be fine using the Rogers webmail to get these if necessary.  However, I do have a custom email through a domain hosting company, for which I use a desktop email client to send & receive emails, using my Rogers Internet service.  Do I need to make a change if this is to continue working?  I am not clear from Rogers' email, and reading through this thread, whether it is just Rogers email accounts that are affected or whether whatever SMTP authentication is required to send/receive emails through Rogers ( is also affected.  Can someone from Rogers or otherwise please clarify?  Thanks.

Retired Moderator RogersCilio
Retired Moderator
Posts: 390

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

Hey @Buckoo,


Welcome to the Community Forums.


Just to clarify, this change will only affect @Rogers email addresses and shouldn't impact your custom email. Is there a reason your host provider doesn't supply you with their own outgoing server info? I'd imagine they have their own SMTP server you can use?





I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 10

Re: You must update your Rogers email account settings

I have tried many times but still cannot generate the required App Password.  I am able to sign in with my email address and password and view my emails.  But when I click on "My Account" and get the Welcome screen for the Rogers Member Centre and re-enter my email address and password, I get the following message: "We are sorry but the system is not available."  I have been monitoring this forum for the past couple of weeks, and have not seen anyone else report this issue.


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