Xbox One Packet Loss

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Re: Xbox One Packet Loss

Just wondering if Rogers is ever going to address or at least admit there is one. The lag and connectivity is horrendous Between them Xbox and PlayStation. This is has been going on for months possibly years with no resolution. I just don't understand how they have thousands of people that play online gaming but refuse to do anything. Hopefully with this post I can get some answers instead of the run around.

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Re: Xbox One Packet Loss


Hello, @mr_wood


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. I understand how unpleasant the online gaming would be when there are connection issues. Based on the continuous feedback we are diligently working to improve the Internet experience. I suggest keeping an eye on the 2nd post of the Firmware Feedback thread where @RogersDave update the firmware versions and release notes. 


Do you know the firmware version of your modem? If it's running, I recommend rebooting so that it can acquire which is more stable and you may find an overall improvement.


Thank you for your patience.