XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

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Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

@-G- wrote:

@gp-se wrote:

Can Rogers release a firmware that gives us back control of WiFi settings (Channels, Width, etc.)

I have older devices that are having trouble staying connected when the Modem is in control of the Channels. I do not have Pods or use any Rogers apps, I just want all my WiFi devices to work like before when I had control of the settings.

The problem isn't the firmware.  The problem is that Rogers has enabled the Ignite WiFi Hub on your account and that has basically taken over management of the WiFi settings on your Ignite gateway.  Since you don't have Pods installed, you should be able to make changes using the WiFi Hub mobile app or by logging into ignitewifi.rogers.com


That said, tech support should still be able to disable the WiFi Hub permanently.  If the Level-1 tech cannot, ask to speak to a manager or supervisor.  Don't take "No" for an answer, especially since you know that you have had it disabled before.


In the past on my personal account I tried reaching out to Rogers about disabling the WiFi Hub from the back end and was told they cannot do that. This option of Rogers controlling the WiFi automatically did start with the more recent firmware, so that's why I think it's a firmware change that brought this. Rogers needs to understand that real world usage is different than what they do in the testing lab. Not all devices will connect or maintain connection when WiFi channels, widths, etc. are being constantly changed.


Some users know what's best for the equipment in their specific environment. At least give us on option for Automatically controlled, or Manual control so the more advanced users can optimize the equipment to the specific network environment. We don't all want to spend $200 on a stand alone router regain features we had before a firmware change!




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Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

@gp-se  I'm 99% sure that the Rogers agent you spoke with was either misinformed or not entirely truthful when they say that they can't disable the Ignite WiFi Hub.  I think it is more likely that they won't disable it, for whatever reason, but I can't fathom what that reason could be.


As far as I know, Comcast is not mandating the use of their xFi app, and their support site provides directions on how to change WiFi settings using both Xfinity xFi and the gateway's local Admin Tool.


As far as I am concerned, the only reason for requiring the Ignite WiFi Hub is for adding/managing Pods.


Many love the idea of "cloud management" for their devices, since it enables them manage their home network from anywhere.  However, not everybody feels that way.  Some do not trust cloud-based management.  Some prefer the local Admin Tool and want the ability to manage their devices directly.  Some find that the Ignite WiFi Hub causes problems or that they lose access to some settings.


@CommunityHelps  Could you please tell us how we can regain local control of our Ignite gateways and what we need to do to get the Ignite WiFi Hub disabled on our accounts permanently?  (Apparently, logging out of the WiFi Hub mobile and web apps and factory resetting the gateway no longer works.)  If this is no longer possible, could you provide us with an explanation as to why Rogers is forcing its use even when it is not wanted or required?