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XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

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Hey guys, I noticed we don't have a dedicated thread on the XB6 modem like the Hitrons. I'm making this thread so we can talk about the various settings and requests for future changes through firmware updates. For me the biggest issues with the modem is we cannot block specific devices from internet access and we cannot use custom DNS servers.

With the Hitrons we could use a custom DNS without issues, and if we bridge the modem we can also use a custom DNS so I don't see why we aren't given the option with the XB6. The Xi6 boxes don't require using Rogers DNS since in bridge mode they are using whatever DNS the user has specified. For security and privacy reasons it's nice being able to choose whatever DNS server we want, and also being able to block devices like personal NAS and IoT from network access.

I know everyone is going to say put the XB6 in bridge mode and problem solved, however besides these two issues my XB6 isn't that bad. The range and speed suits my needs so why should I buy another $200-$300 router just so I can use a custom DNS and block some devices from the internet. Hopefully Rogers listens to our feedback and gives us more control like on the Hitrons.



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Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

Looks like I'm one higher than latest version 🙂



Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

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I am now as well:

System Software Version
eMTA & DOCSIS Software Version:Prod_18.1_d31 & Prod_18.1
Software Image Name:CGM4140COM_4.0p10s1_PROD_sey
Advanced Services:CGM4140COM
Packet Cable:2.0

Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

I'm a Reliable Contributor



Could we please get some details about the new firmware and what fixes and features it offers.


Thank you.

Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

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System time is still off by an hour on CGM4140COM_4.0p10s1_PROD_sey.

Re: XB6 Modem Settings/Requests/Firmware Discussion

I Plan to Stick Around
Custom DNS yet? I was going to bridge the modem today for only this reason (well and because the pods are useless).