XB6 - Connecting ASUS Router

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Re: XB6 - Connecting ASUS Router

@Lucky2050 wrote:



I am using my Arris XB6 Modem with Asus AX88U router. I want to use WAN aggression but i can't see how to enable LACP-IEEE 802.3ad on Rogers Modem.


Please guide what setting i need to make on modem to enable LACP-IEEE 802.3ad so that i can have WAN aggression

I don't think that the XB6 supports link aggregation.  According to this page, data throughput on the XB6 maxes out at 1 Gb/s so even if you could do it, you wouldn't see any performance benefits.  Rogers Internet service offerings also max out at 1Gb/s so again, there would be no benefit to enabling this when a single Gigabit Ethernet port is fast enough.

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Re: XB6 - Connecting ASUS Router

@Lucky2050 at the present time, none of the modems that Rogers uses will allow the customers to use LAG.  Even if any of the modems are capable, Rogers has not enabled LAG so any required enable/disable function is not built into the user interface.