Wireless connection being inconsistent

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Re: Wireless connection being inconsistent

@tenplay, I've had a chance to review the two USB adapters you suggested.  I would rule out the Realtek as its only an a/b/g/n adapter and not capable of 802.11ac.  For that reason alone, I would rule it out.  The EDUP adapter is a little more interesting.  Its 802.11ac capable which is good.  There are conflicting specs in the amazon page.  It would appear that there is only a single antenna regardless of the configuration, but then it lists an RF sensitivity at 867Mb/s.  So, that would imply that it has two antenna, at least internally, which is comparable to the Asus model.  At the end of the day it comes down to which component of the EDUP spec is correct, the 433 Mb/s as listed or possibly 867 Mb/s looking at the ac sensitivity, versus the listed 867 Mb/s for the Asus model.  The cost is another factor, $22.99 on Amazon for the EDUP versus $79.99 for the Asus USB-AC56 at CanadaComputers.  I would personally choose the Asus model as I have an Asus router and am very satisfied with its performance.  As I indicated before, we've seen the results of buying a cheap adapter and the frustrations that it can cause.  




I would also look at swapping out the laptop wifi adapter as well.  If you can find the maintenance document, it will show how to remove the laptop components, one by one until you get to the wifi adapter.  Its not difficult, just requires a little patience in taking apart the laptop.


If you do happen to buy something other than the EDUP or Asus USB-AC56, ensure that it's 802.11ac capable.  Given a choice between two adapters, one showing 433 Mb/s and the other showing 867 Mb/s or higher for max rates, I would take the last one, as that would indicate a dual antenna configuration.  That results in higher real world data rates and adds in antenna diversity which helps in poor signal conditions. 


The last item, not considered to this point is the modem itself.  The Hitron modems are not stellar wifi performers.  So, if you really rely on wifi, my advice would be to consider a good third party router, one with gigabit ports and external antenna.  That would give you better wifi performance, and access to all of the settings for both ethernet and wifi operations, as opposed to the current situation with the modem, where you have access to some, and tech support has access to all of the remaining settings.  There is also the privacy issue, where the ISP, any ISP will not be able to see your network beyond the router.  So, that may be more food for thought......


The continuing saga:  here's a new adapter just released by EDUP this year, which looks comparable to the Asus adapter.  It dosn't have the large single add-on antenna, so, may not have the larger ranges that the Asus adapter might offer, but, with just the main USB adapter running, they might be pretty comparable in data rates:





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Re: Wireless connection being inconsistent

Hey DL.  Thanks for all the attention you are giving to my wifi issue.  Actually my Internet needs are quite modest and limited.  I pretty much surf the web, do a little online gambling, and watch streams of sports events from the West Coast of the USA from where I recently retired to Toronto.  The wifi connectivity seems to get slow when the condo residents are home in the evening and weekends.  So I will just connect my computers directly to the modem with ethernet cables during the slow times and see if that solves most of my problems.  But I am saving all of the helpful responses for reference if adding ethernet connections is not satisfactory.  Thanks again.

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Re: Wireless connection being inconsistent

I have the same issue I had called got them to change channel on WiFi reliever and also there was an update to the modem as well call tech support to have this done . Hope this helps some, have a good day