WiFi network does not consistently appear on HP laptop

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WiFi network does not consistently appear on HP laptop

I have recently moved, and have a Rogers Hilton CGN3 modem. The network works great with my iPad and iPhone. My laptop found the network at first, however now every day it shows networks available but it doesn't show my network. As soon as I unplug everything and plug it back in, the network appears, connects and works perfectly. 


I live in an apartment building and have a signal amplifier for the wifi. Additionally, my previous living arrangements had the same modem and I didn't have these issues, so I don't believe it's the laptop. 


I've searched the forums and couldn't find this issue. It's a pain in the butt to have to essentially reboot everything on a daily basis for my laptop to find the network. If anyone has any experience with this, or any suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them!






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Re: WiFi network does not consistently appear on HP laptop

Hey @UhLanna


Definitely seems an interesting factor. Actually, this will require a bit of troubleshooting, but don't cross off the laptop from your list yet.

Did your laptop recently do any updates? Are your driver up to date?

Since your other device are able to talk to the CGN3, could mean the laptop network adaptor may be the issue.

However, I would like to invite @Gdkitty and other residence experts who may be able to provide some valuable info.




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Re: WiFi network does not consistently appear on HP laptop

You indicated that you have a signal amplifier for the wifi, does that mean that you're running the modem in Bridge mode with a follow-on router, or that you are running the modem in Gateway mode (normal mode) with a wifi extender located somewhere in your home?

First thing I would do is delete the network profile from the laptop.  Try this in the following order:

1.  Unplug the modem and wifi amplifier power supply.
2.  Delete the network profile from the laptop;
3.  Reboot the laptop;
4.  Power up the modem and wifi amplifier;
5.  After the laptop is connected to the wifi network, reboot the laptop to see if this has solved the issue.  The laptop should connect automatically if you set it to do so.  

Without knowing what version of Windows you have here are some links for deleting the network profile.

Windows 7;


Windows 8 & 8.1



Windows 10;


What you can also do is load inSSIDer onto your laptop to see if there is another modem or router nearby that is running on the same channel as yours and causing problems for your laptop.  The link below is for the last freebie version of inSSIDer.  It doesn't show the 802.11ac networks that are running nearby but there is a pay version out now that does.  For $20 US its worth it if you use the 5 Ghz band for your networks.  So, have a look with inSSIDer to see if you're competing with other networks.  If so, you might have to change channels to one that is hopefully less crowded or has less interference from neighboring networks.  


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