What modems are offered with Rogers Internet Services

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What modems are offered with Rogers Internet Services

I currently have the Ignite 500 package with the white CODA modem.  I was wondering what modems are offered with the different speed packages.  Also, which modem is known to be reliable and offer good 5 GHz AC performance?  Although the CODA I am on seems to be decent, I wanted to know if there are others that are better.





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Re: What modems are offered with Rogers Internet Services

Hi @mahomed,


That's definitely a fair question. It's important to know all of your options to ensure you have the right equipment to support your services. 🙂


The CODA modem is the best and most advanced option available for your specific internet package. It is compatible with our Ignite 300u internet plan and above. For more information on the CODA modem and how to get the most out of your internet services, please CLICK HERE


For our lower tiered internet plans (Ignite 150u and below), we recommend the following modem types:


Rocket Wi-Fi Modem 

Advanced Wi-Fi Modem 


We do have other older models which are in use by some of our customers, however, they are not proactively offered anymore due to limited stock and availability.


I hope this helps!