Weather / Temperature affecting my internet

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Weather / Temperature affecting my internet

I have had problems with my connection for 3 months now, rogers no longer charges me for my service but its still not working. I really like rogers and i want to stay but at this point i think its time to move on, hopefully they fix my area in the future. I notice the weather getting cold, or rainy, immediatly causes my upstream to gain noise and timeout, hopefully someone can pass this along to the rogers team, im just tired of calling in over and over. Best of luck everyone, hope it works out. (area is yonge & millwood)


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Re: Weather / Temperature affecting my internet

Yeah, usually that means its a line, connector, or hardware failure somewhere.


I am assuming you have had a technician out to the house specifically?
They should be testing the signal levels at ALL spots along the way. 

-Check at the street box to make sure OK. (if not, well then we know the problem is the FEED to the box or the box itself and should be passed onto maintenance

-Check the end of the line from the street to your house (burried or above ground).  If bad there.. the line will have to be replaced (and they may be able to do a TEMP line.  Unfortunately due to the time of year, a NEW full proper line wouldnt likely be able to be scheduled till the SPRING.

-Check just inside the house... not much more from there likely needed if its more weather driven.


Sometimes could be as simple as there is weather getting into the box where the connector from the street to the house wire, and the connector needs replacing, etc.


Completely understand IF you did descide to switch.
Just one caution when /if you do.. you would have to then likely change connection methods.. going to a phone line based (DSL or fibe) internet, as any other providers who uses CABLE will have the exact same issue as they use the same rogers lines.