Very Unusual High Internet Usage

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Very Unusual High Internet Usage

Hi there,


I have a package through Rogers for TV, Cable, and Internet, and I have a cap on 125GB on my internet. A few months ago, I thought someone hacked into my WiFi and used 60 GB in two days while I was out of town. Since then, I have been turning my WiFi off and completely unplugging the modem when I was not home. No internet usage was recorded on days when the modem was unplugged for full days.


On 14 Oct, my internet usage on Rogers told me that I had used 25 GB of data in one day. That's not possible! I was at work for twelve hours, and I certainly didn't come home and stream and download anything in the six hours before midnight.


I called Rogers and disabled my WiFi, leaving only my Xbox and laptop hardwired into the modem. I haven't turned on my Xbox in over a week, and I don't play online with a community. I have only ever played online once or twice, and that was back in July 2016. My laptop had a few tabs open for new job posting I had planned to apply to when I came home from work. My laptop was asleep until I got home at 9pm, and was asleep again by 11pm.


I don't download, I don't use bit-torrents, I don't stream excessively - maybe ten one-hour long shows a month on Netflix. I didn't go on Netflix, YouTube, or anything that I could eat up data. Literally the only websites I went on were job searching sites, for a maximum of two hours.


I called Rogers and the lady on the phone suggested I have a virus downloading things on my computer, or someone unknown is hacking my internet through my Xbox. Both of these things seem unlikely to me. I don't download anything outside of iTunes podcasts and songs onto my computer, and my Xbox hasn't been on in days.


I'm going to switch my modem this weekend if I have time.


Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I asked if there were network issues with Rogers and tech support told me there wasn't. I'm seriously running out of ideas and I am on the verge of cancelling my Rogers account. I have had Rogers off and on for about eight years but the problems and lack of solutions that have been provided since April have been frustrating.


Any suggestions would be helpful!


Thank you!

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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

@AshLynn if you go online to look at your internet account, you should be able to see if that is an upload or download problem.  If the upload numbers are high, have a look at your smart phone, laptop and pc (?).  Look specifically for any cloud services that run backup data uploads.  That might be running a data upload that you're not aware of so you will have to go thru them with a fine toothcomb so to speak.  Perhaps there has been an update that turned on a service that you're not aware of. 


Microsoft's One Drive comes to mind.  If you run Windows 10 on the laptop, you might want to go thru all of the settings and shut down any services that you know you aren't using.  Thats what I've done, shutting down pretty well everything. 


For the download, a failed update download comes to mind.  If you run a smartphone or Windows pc on auto for the updates, it would keep trying to download the update again and again.  So, there is that possibility.


For a pc, you can install Networx, which is a freebie monitoring application.  It records the download and upload amounts, so you can tell at a glance if the pc is doing anything that it shoudln't be doing.  The same probably applies to a smart phone.  There are monitoring applications that should do the same.  If you post a question looking for recommendations for monitoring apps for smartphones you should see a few responses from the smartphone gurus.


Extremely high download numbers have been a common complaint on the forum in the past, but, I'd say that Rogers has worked pretty hard at this to reduce that occurrence.  Its actually been a long time since this has come up.  One thing I would ask is to log into the modem, navigate to the STATUS .... DOCSIS WAN page, copy the download and upload tables and paste them into a post.  Those are the cable signal levels and signal to noise ratios.  If there is any signal issue, it should show up in those tables.  The copy and paste process will paste in the text contents of the tables, so a screen image isn't required.  


With that, please check the download / upload number on your account as well to determine which one is driving up the total.  That will point to what to look for, a cloud service run amok, or a download issue of some type. 

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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

Hi @Datalink


Thanks for your suggestions! When I installed Windows 10, I turned off auto updates. I need to give approval for all critical and recommended updates before they begin. I don't have the One Drive turned on, and I have no cloud services for any of my products on my computer, with the exception of iTunes, but I don't download enough products on iTunes to warrant the number I have been seeing.


As I mentioned in my post, only my Xbox and laptop were hardwired into the internet - my mobile and iPad were not connected to the internet yesterday, which was when a spike in my internet usage occurred again, despite my absence from home for fourteen hours.


Please see below for my daily usage numbers:


 Daily Usage
Download Usage (MB)
Upload Usage (MB)
Daily Total (MB)
  October 20, 2016       17,13210217,234
  October 19, 2016       92356979
  October 18, 2016       87417891
  October 17, 2016       558113671
  October 16, 2016       1165121
  October 15, 2016       729
  October 14, 2016       25,92258526,507
  October 13, 2016         33210342
  October 10, 2016       5,189335,222
  October 09, 2016       5,581535,634
  October 08, 2016        2413244


Oct 9 and 10, I was off from work and watching Netflix. The spikes on 14 October and 20 October are the frustrating parts. There is nothing that I do on the internet to warrant those kinds of download numbers. The extent of my internet activity is applying and searching for jobs, watching a few YouTube videos, and browsing Facebook. I don't have large files on my laptop, as all of my digital movies and music is stored in an external hardrive that is not connected to the internet.


If you have any more suggestions, please let me know. I've been getting no where with this problem for months.


Please see below for DOCSIS WAN numbers that you suggested:


Downstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDSignal noise ratio (dB)
Upstream Overview
Port IDFrequency (MHz)ModulationSignal strength (dBmV)Channel IDBandWidth
123700000ATDMA - 64QAM47.00026400000
238596000ATDMA - 64QAM48.25033200000
330596000ATDMA - 64QAM48.0001


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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

Just to add some detailing here (just to view your overall usage for the month)
Depending on the quality you are viewing with Netflix... a 1h show, in HD, could be running up to 3gb or so.  So 10 over the month could be a good 20-30g usage overall for the month.  
One day, shouldnt be, unless your binge watching all in one day.



Datalink brought up a lot of good things to check, just in case.  Sometimes the computer can do things, in which you never set yourself.. but can still be the cause.


I am hesitant to think that is is something outside of your house 😞
Only for the fact, that with the modem off, you had zero usage.


Otherwise, i would think that it would be a case of MAC cloning or something similar.
Swaping the modem may be a good idea oveall.
When re setting it up, make sure to change the WIFI name, and set it to a higher level on encryption, with a strong  password.
(this will unfortunately require all devices to re connect to it)


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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

Hi @AshLynn.  Here's a little homework for you.  


Your downstream signal levels and signal to noise ratios are good.  The upstream is starting to climb which indicates that there is some issue with the cabling or connectors.  The normal range is in the 36 to 40 dBmV range.  The upper failure limit is 51 dBmV according to the Docsis spec, but Rogers appears to use 52 dBmV.  At that point, the modem is transmitting as much power as it can to overcome any cable or connector problems.  After that it will start to drop upstream channels one by one in order to keep communicating with the CMTS.  So, your not at the failure point yet, but, you're getting there. 


Given those numbers, I don't believe that they are part of the problem of high usage.  I have seen high usage numbers in the past where the signal levels were very poor, but I don't believe that's an issue here. 


Looking at the numbers I see what you mean with those high usage days.  It seems pretty unreasonable. 


The first thing I would recommend is to swap the modem at the nearest Rogers store.  In theory, MAC address cloning on the network should not happen.  That allows someone else to use a modem's MAC address where that modem is assigned to your account.  As I said, it shouldn't happen.  However, having said that, swap the modem. 


Next, review your wifi network names and passphrases.  The network SSID field is 32 characters long.  The passphrase field is 63 or 64 characters long depending on what characters you use.  At the current time the Hitron modems have an issue with some characters, so that cuts down the possible combinations. 


Normally you never have to enter the network name into anything.  That makes it easy to copy and paste an entirely random character sequence into that field.  The same can be done with a pc or laptop for the passphrase field.  Smartphone, tablets etc are a little more work if you want to go that route.  That is however what I have done for both.  So, my network names and passphrases, which are different for both 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks look something like this as an example:


Network name:  PJmqSY;^xX?{fn:A91&W{?{.$Vu21(T%


Passphrase:  cxDJqQ>\K"!$u!D_%(.q|AJg2-k?w?7)s#2g5RA1/28&z`n!gdC1Z=zF\`AA=VY


The network encryption is the result of hashing the Network name and Passphrase.  This is a mathematical process that results in the encryption key.  Using random names and passphrases makes the encryption key  much harder to crack. 


You can use the following site to generate random character sequences suitable for both network name and passphrases:


Refreshing that page will generate new character sequences.  The "63 random printable ASCII characters:" I think should be usable for the network name in the Hitron modems.  The "63 random alpha-numeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9)" should be suitable for the passphrase at the current time.  Upcoming firmware versions should allow the "63 random printable ASCII characters:" to be used for the passphrase as well which will be more secure.  You can also use the "64 random hexadecimal characters (0-9 and A-F)" in the passphrase field without any problems.


So, at the very least I would change the network name, fill the data field and use one of the character strings as indicated above.  For the passphrase, if you don't want to use a random character string, use a long phrase that means something to you:



MY2016porscheistheBESTCAREVER  (I can only wish!)


Something like that.  Pad the phrase with numbers and characters that are easy to remember.


So, swap the modem and change the modem password and wifi network name and passphrase as indicated in the list below.  Lock down the wifi so that there is no chance that it can be cracked. You should do the following list with a pc or laptop connected via ethernet to the modem.


1.  Log into the modem, and set the BASIC .... GATEWAY UPNP function to disabled if you don't game.  That is usually set for port forwarding for gaming purposes.  Save the setting.


2.  Navigate to the BASIC .... PORT FORWARDING page and Disable the Port Forwarding Rules.  Save the setting.


3.  Navigate to the BASIC .... PORT TRIGGERING page and Disable the Port Triggering Rules.  Save the setting.


4.  Navigate to the WIRELESS .... BASIC page and set the WPS to OFF.  Save the changes and do the same for the 5G tab as well.  Save the changes.  If you only have recent wifi devices, you could probably set the Wireless mode to 802.11n for the 2.4 Ghz network, and 802.11 a/n/ac for the 5 Ghz network. 


5.  At this point you would also change the network name for both networks and save the changes.  If you happen to be doing this via wifi connected laptop, the minute that you save the changes it would probably disconnect you due to the network name change.  If and when that happens simply reconnect to the new network and set that as your default network.  But, I highly recommend doing this via ethernet connected pc or laptop. 


6.  Navigate to the WIRELESS .... WPS&SECURITY page.  Ensure that the wifi security mode is set for WPA-2 only or that the Security Mode is set for WPA-Personal, and the Authentication mode is set for WPA-2 PSK only.  (This will depend on the firmware version of the modem.  In the end, it will be the same setting).  Set the Encrypt mode for AES only.  Save the changes.  Do not use WEP for the security Mode or TKIP or TKIP/AES for the Encrypt mode as WEP and TKIP are no longer secure.  I suspect that WEP has already been removed.  TKIP will be removed in the upcoming firmware update. 


7.  At this point you would change the Network passphrase.  Again, if you are doing this via wifi, which I don't encourage as you're locking down the wifi so that it can't be hacked, this will cause a disconnect.  And again, you would have to reconnect to the modem using the new passphrase. 


8.  Depending on the firmware version that you have, you might also have a Guest tab for setting up a guest account.  Select that tab if you have it.  If you have the 2.4 Ghz network running, enable the Guest Account so that you can change the network name and passphrase.  Fill both fields with random characters and set the number of users to 1.  Save the settings.  Disable the Guest Account.  Save the settings.


9.  Lastly, if you want to do this, you can specify the devices that you want to allow on the wifi network.  Navigate to the WIRELESS .... ACCESS CONTROL page.  With all of your devices connected via wifi I think that page will show a list of connected devices at the bottom of the page.  If not select "Add Managed Devices" which should bring up a list I believe.  Add the wifi devices that you want to have access to the modem.  When that is done, change the Block Rules to "Allow Listed".  Save the changes.  That will prevent any other devices from using an already secure network.  Anyone attempting to use your network would have to clone the MAC address for one of your wifi devices and crack a combination of random network characters and passphrase.  There are easier targets elsewhere. 


10.  Restart the modem when everything has been saved.  Pull the power and plug it back in again, or, navigate to ADMIN .... DEVICE RESET and select the Reboot Function.  Reconnect to the modem with your wifi devices if you have done all of this via ethernet connected pc or laptop.


Beyond that I would call tech support and have a note placed on file documenting those high usage days.  If you were not at home or the modem was shut down on those days, then the usage numbers don't make any sense. 


If the high usage places you beyond the monthly usage limit I would also call Billing to see if they would roll back the usage numbers.  That has happened with other customers, but you have to be pro-active to see that happen. 


Ok, I hope that helps.  Let me know if you run into any issues.











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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

To  start I just want to say that I know nothing about how to resolve the problem here and I think it is great that other  customers are helping each other out. My question to this situation is WHY is Rogers not performing this service for a paying customer .... is that not part of what the customer is paying for .

I guess I just don't understsnd the business model they use .. 


Good Luck to the OP on sorting this out and I hope Datalink's suggestions  get you some positive results.


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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage


I hate to say this.  The issue needs to be escalated to the management office.  Either file a concern through the contacts link at or phone in and ask for the management office.  If you know that high usage is occurring when you modem is powered off and/or disconnected, then clearly its not you.


Further escalation to the President's office may be necessary.  You should not have to pay for any of your usage until this is resolved.  The last resort is to file a complaint with the

Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services


It shouldn't have to go that far.  The management office should be able to get this resolved.

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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage



Did anyone else have home internet usage spikes on these dates like mine?


October 19, 2016 11,763
October 16, 2016   6,048
October 12, 2016 12,208
October 10, 2016 11,426
October 07, 2016 8,020
October 05, 2016 13,733
October 04, 2016 14,372


Please reply if you did, trying to see if there was some kind of malware in the mix.


I have been moitoring for a week using NetWorx thanks to this thread : High Usage 

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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

OMG I have the same problem, I have rogers 200GB data and I have had this package for the past 2 years. and in the my usage has always been under 120GB, recently I got a message stating I have reached 75% usage and in 2 days I already went over my limit. The only issue with this is that In October I disconnected all the kids devices and have only the tv and 2 laptops connected. and I don't download large files only word documents and stream videos on youtube and Netflix. I have minimized my usage even for that. my new month just started and in less than a week it is already saying I have used 70GB of my data. I don't know what is gong on as I am monitoring my usage. Just yesterday I steamed about 5 hours of video and it shows I have used 17GB usage in one day. how is that possible? these are youtube videos. does anyone have a solution to this?
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Re: Very Unusual High Internet Usage

This sort of thing is often related to software on your computer uploading or downloading information automatically - that you may not be aware of. Check the settings on your various devices to ensure that you're not set to upload or download backups, etc. automatically.


The video quality on YouTube has increased a lot and it's possible to download GB per hour if you choose the highest quality. Again, check the quality of the video and select 720P instead of say 1080P if the image from 720P is adequate for your needs.


Some software updates are also fairly large if you have software updates set to "automatic", or sometimes they even download to your computer/device in preparation for you to say "yes".


There are software/apps that are available to track your uploads and downloads. You may wish to consider loading some.