Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

No I was getting 900 mb even after all the changes was made ... it’s probably been a few months like this ... I live on a apartment building not sure if it use to be a condo once before ... from what I know the cables only replaced in the basement and all panels outside of the building .. wires coming from the panels outside to the units were not changed . ... I think there are 5-6 of those panels against the outside building walls. . and they spltt the node I think last summer of 18 and some this year. @Datalink it’s not a gaming laptop. What type of router are you using?
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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

@lethalsniper I'm using an Asus RT-AC86U.  If you're looking at buying a router, and you use a VPN, consider something like the 86U or other routers which have hardware support for Intel's AES-NI which is used in the encryption process.  That hardware support greatly increases the VPN throughput.  In terms of the processor, I wouldn't look at anything less than a 1.4 Ghz processor.  There are routers out now with 1.8 Ghz processors, usually dual core.  The RT-AC88U has a quad core 1.8 Ghz processor and a price to match as well.  Currently its $400 at Bestbuy.  


Just as a food for thought item, you indicated that you haven't seen gig rates for some time now.  What I would consider doing is download the ubuntu 19.10 iso and burn that to a dvd or create a boot USB stick. 




Boot your gaming laptop with either one and run a speedtest with that using the Rogers speedtest at:




and the Rogers Toronto server at www.speedtest.net


Running a speedtest with ubuntu should determine whether or not there might be a Windows driver issue that has occurred since you last saw 900+ Mb/s.  


When you boot to ubuntu, it will boot in a demo mode and it has Firefox available to run speedtests with.  


If you end up with the same results, then its time to get Tech Support on the case, specifically the services of a senior tech (real Rogers tech), not a contractor tech.