Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

Getting Gigabit speed now but very disappointed with gaming performance. My old package, Ignite 250u rarely have lag issues in games but this Gigabit connection is making my games unplayable :/

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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

I just upgraded to the 1 gB down and 30 up oh boy was that a mistake I’m getting slower speeds then before.. when I was on the ignite 250 I was getting 300/21 now I’m getting 200/19 ? Even my ping has gone up what a mistake... edit now I’m getting 30mb up but still getting 200 down.. what could be the issue should I call them back, when I called the first time after I seen the slow speeds they told me to swaps the modem and from my understanding they have upgraded our nodes in our area which the had split them and also we just recently had new optical cables installed in our area and building
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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

Greetings @lethalsniper!


Having a slow speed issue occur coincidentally after an upgrade is seriously bad timing Smiley Sad. I'd feel a little buyers remorse if this happened to me too.


I really think there's some other issue occurring here so please let us look into it for you and see what can be done to get you the speeds you're paying for. Please PM us @CommunityHelps. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

I swapped the modem this morning and I’m still not getting 1gb the highest I get is 500mb. My location is Donmills and leith hill rd. , Ontario
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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

Hey @lethalsniper,


Thank you for getting back to us and we're glad that you were able to swap out your modem. It sounds like your speeds have definitely improved a great deal, however, they aren't necessarily where you were expecting them to be with having Gigabit internet. I can see why that would be disappointing. 😕


Please keep in mind that with Ignite Gigabit internet, you can get download speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second and upload speeds of up to 50 Megabits per second (or 30 Mbps in some areas). 


As with any internet service, a recent computer with a direct wired Ethernet connection to your modem will best allow you to enjoy the speeds delivered by Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet.


Remember that your connection experience may vary because the total speed delivered to the home is shared by all the devices you have online at the same time. Also keep in mind that no matter how fast the speed of the Internet service to your home, speed test results and your best possible experience will also depend on:


• The capabilities of your device
• The quality of its connection to the modem over Ethernet or Wi-Fi
• The sources for the files you are accessing, and other such factors


If your wired connection meets all of the necessary requirements, then you should be able to obtain an average of 700Mbps or above. On WiFi, and while on the 5G network, you should be able to obtain a minimum of 300Mbps or above if there isn't too much interference or too many devices connected simultaneously.


It may be a good idea for us to take a closer look at our end and run a few signal tests to see if there is anything going on. As per RogersCorey's post above, feel free to send us a Private Message so we can assist you further. 


Kind regards!



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Re: Upgraded to Gigabit Internet - Not getting package speeds

Yea I have a technician coming out tomorrow to look at it there is no way my speeds are normal I’m getting from 200-500 download on a 1gb plan I was getting steady speeds on ignite 250 and 300 was always getting 320Mb steady funny now I switch over to 1 gb it’s slower go figure..we even had new optical fibre cables installed in and outside our building and they have done a lot of work with the nodes by splitting them up
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