Unstable 500u internet

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Unstable 500u internet

So we're now a week after I got a text message from Rogers stating that my "issue" was fixed. I don't know what the issue was, but things did seem better.


Until tonight.


Here's what PingPlotter looks like when hitting my Final Fantasy XIV server.



There are two issues here. The first points to the local area issues we've been having, when you see steps 3, 4, 6, and 7 - which are within the Rogers network - showing a fair amount of judder and packet loss. This is the issue I'd like to see fixed most.


The second issue is NTT's horrendous NYC to Seattle pipeline. I've reached out to the FFXIV staff, who have told me to reach out to my ISP. I've reached out to Rogers, who have told me to reach out to the game's staff. I've reached out to NTT, who have told me to shove off since I'm not their customer. It seems that about 70% of the time, Rogers routes us down to the NYC NTT handoff point, but the other 30% of the time we're routed through Chicago. When we're routed through Chicago, our average RTT is about 100ms, but when we route through NYC, our average is closer to 130ms, and we can see enormous packet loss. This issue has been plaguing us ever since we moved into this house in June. I would love to see Rogers set up routing for our neighbourhood to always go through Chicago when accessing FFXIV servers.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Unstable 500u internet

I tried cutting and pasting from the modem’s web interface but it doesn’t format well from a table to plain text in order to paste it here. I would have to use an editor to reformat/organize the info. I’m not willing to waste my time at your whim. I’ve also spent a lot of time talking to tech support tonight - which only served to further frustrate me. They can’t see past they’re troubleshooting checklist. It always ends the same way, they send a tech, he checks connections and signal levels, finds nothing obvious, and leaves.
I’ve decided to cancel this service and return to the slow (but functioning) Bell. I’m also cancelling my Rogers wireless, and business services, just on principle.

I've Been Around
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Re: Unstable 500u internet

does any body know if rogers ignite needs a poe filter on main line having trouble reaching purchased speed have 500 mps only hitting 180 mps

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Unstable 500u internet

After living for 4 months with horrible internet. Finally i took rogers to task and tried to get a senior tech. However a senior Tech  needs 3 regular tech visits in a month before they can schedule a senior tech.  Had a senior tech come to the house 10 days ago after 3 regular tech visit in 1 month. Finally there seems like light is at the end of tunnel.

The senior tech came and swapped the external fiber connector and also the port on the main box. After this change we still had some instability however the connection would come right back.
Also we saw the modem would lose wifi but the physical connection still had internet.

the coda modem is garbage. It has very flaky wifi which contributes to the modem instability. I have my own routers so I have disabled the wifi and modem instability has reduced.

Anyone facing the instability issue I suggest ask the Rogers tech to change the external port. And also the fiber connector. I suspect these external boxes have bad ports .

2ndly I suggest u get ur own routers and disable wifi on Rogers modem and use it purely as modem.

I've Been Around
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Re: Unstable 500u internet

You are not alone as every Rogers customer faces this issue and its not new. I am facing this issue for a long time. I called Rogers tech support twice. Both times they were unable to find any issue on phone so they send technicians to fix the issue but technicians were also unable to fix the problem and promised to come back with a solution but never returned.

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Re: Unstable 500u internet

Hey @SyedMomin!


I can only imagine how incredibly troubling having such an ongoing intermittent internet issue must be! I feel for ya, and I'd be happy to help see this to resolution. 

Can you tell me a bit more about what you're experiencing? From there we can provide some steps to assist in identifying where the issue is coming from.