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Unbearable Internet Lag When Playing Games

I'm here a lot

I am so frustrated right now.


For the past few weeks, I have suffered insane lag spikes during the evening. It just causes so many headaches and problems. I contacted Rogers Friday to find a way we can fix it. They offered me the Ignite 1.5 plan, which we took with an upgraded Modem. I thought this would fix some issues we are having. I was wrong. The network is SO MUCH worse now. I usually got 20 - 30 MS while playing League of Legends; it won't go below 100 MS now.


For Call of duty, the lag is unbearable, sometimes spiking to 1500 MS. I have also used my Hotspot, which also encounters lag spikes! So now I am unsure if it's the Rogers Network or our Modem.


We ended up signing a contract, but I am this close to contacting Rogers and telling them I want to cancel and move the Bell. This is ridiculous. When upgrading the Internet, it should get better, not worse.


I need some help and guidance on the next course of action. Any ideas would be appreciated. I hope we can find a way to fix this. 






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Re: Unbearable Internet Lag When Playing Games

I'm here a lot
Just wanted to update.

There seems to have been some sort of outage that made it pretty bad. Still between the hours of 8 and 10 PM the game can’t hold a steady ping. It moved from 30-150 and goes back to 30. I can’t play well or stream, so I want to know how Rogers can help. Paying a lot for internet for it to be u reliable between a certain time is not great. Maybe you have a node issue and you need to split it for the area, I don’t know.


Re: Unbearable Internet Lag When Playing Games

I plan to stick around

Sorry that you are having this issue, I see that you contributed to my thread a while back where i was (still am) having the same issue.  Impacts TV for me too. In that thread there is a great explanation of the issue by a resident expert. Many similar threads in these forums, peak hours are awful hours!  I have submitted a complaint to CCTS. I will likely be moving on to another service provider in the spring if nothing improves (not a good time for me to change ISPs now). In the interim i simply avoid gaming during peak hours. 

Re: Unbearable Internet Lag When Playing Games

Good morning @Mega31!


I am sorry to hear that you're experiencing latency while gaming. Is this happening over WiFi or Ethernet? If it's happening over WiFi, have you tried switching to Ethernet to see if that improves the experience?


Have you captured any ping tests or traceroutes that show the latency happening or are you only observing it from within the game? If you could provide us with a ping test and a traceroute to the Riot Game's server you typically connect to, that would be most helpful.


You can find instructions on how to do this here: How to Use Tracert to Obtain Network Logs – VALORANT Support (




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