Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

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Re: Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

I know the coax doesn’t but as you said, maybe it’s some sort of interference. Whatever it is, I had the problem where vids on some sites didn’t work/load. Then after I had this stupid idea, all websites vids worked and loaded perfectly fine. It totally fixed the issue. The thing is, I got basic home phone and it’s free in my package so since I don’t use it as I only use my cell, I disconnected it completely and now all my vids work. Beats me.
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Re: Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

@57and @VoeJ

@57 wrote:

@VoeJ wrote:

...unplug the phone modem and remove the connection wires that go from the internet modem to the phone modem....

I don't quite understand why you say this.  The RF-coax feed to the internet modem should be the first split at the demarcation point in your home.  Often a special two-way splitter is utilized at that point one side to internet, the other side to TV/phone. The phone and TV (if applicable) should be the second splits. There should be no cable going from the internet modem to the home phone modem. I don't even know how that would work...?


I suppose there may be some sort of "feedback" from the phone modem that could cause issues, but that's a different story.  Thanks for the tip.   I don't have any issues myself, however, I do know that some people do and perhaps it's because their RF-coax is not installed appropriately as I mentioned above.

I am going to guess that what @VoeJ was saying when they said, " ...unplug the phone modem and remove the connection wires that go from the internet modem to the phone modem...."
Were they were talking about the same configuration, installed by Rogers 14 years ago and never touched since in our home.  There is a single coax coming from the demark (which in my case, I don't actually have access to the customer side of the demark, as our cabling was all installed when the house was built.  Our side of the cabling goes into the demarkation box outside and the last time they were in and redid connectors as we had a bad signal, I saw the following - the single black coax coming from the ground to the box on the wall, with a 4 port splitter - 3 of our white coax cables then were connected to the splitter and fed to our three tv jacks - I asked him what if I had another jack added as at that time VIP permitted for 4 free jacks - he said, he would split the most convenient TV cable in the house to add the additional jack with a splitter.

I didn't have it done, I was just curious.

Back to the set up - from the splitter, they ran a dedicated black coax down the wall and into the basement with about 40 feet of extra cabling so I could move things around if I wanted - that I was told was a dedicated feed for the Internet, with the TV jacks - three of them being fed by individual cables from the splitter in the box.  Home phone did not exist as a product at that time.

When we had home phone installed, the installer disconnected the Internet modem cable at the modem, placed a 2 port splitter on and ran one coax to the Home phone modem and one to the Internet modem (it was a modem at that time, not gateway).  Therefore we had a Internet/Home phone split, as I think is what they were attempting to describe.

Although not mentioned here, but I will comment that all types of configurations are out there, probably some causing problems, some not.  I have neighbours I have talked to who have TV and Internet on the same line and indicate no issues with signals and the one neighbour is a network engineer for a major provider and he has the tools to test signals and he even showed me that there was no difference for his house in either set up TV/Internet, or Internet/Home Phone Modems because I was curious as the original tech said that the Internet feed had to be separate from TV feeds.

So in the description made earlier of disconnecting the home phone modem, I suspect what was being said, is disconnect the home phone coax from the splitter that feeds their Internet and home phone modem, and either they left the splitter there, or removed it and took the cable directly to the internet modem.  Makes me wonder if there was an issue in the patch cables from splitter to modems, or the splitter itself.

As for what is correct or what should or should not be, I only know what is. In my case, I meet the first should - seperate TV and Internet, from locked demark box from splitter in that locked box.  although neighbours are running otherwise. In my case as mentioned above,

But in our case, the home phone is running off a secondary splitter, about 10 feet from the Internet Gateway, modem in the past.  And it works.  It has always been that way, and never had an issue - and no, the cable from the internet modem does not come from the modem, it comes from a secondary splitter that feeds both Internet and home phone modems.

Now as to impact of the home phone on the Internet, not sure why, unless there was some signal strength issues on that line in the first place, a bad splitter or some other reason, but we have never in 14 years had an issue with Internet and Home phone being fed from the single coax, to splitter to Home phone modem, and to Internet modem.

Except when they decided to go with gateways and then Hitron, and then I had WI-FI issues and until I fried my router, I just went bridge. That is a different story.

If you aren't using the home phone, speak to them and get it dropped, you are paying about 12.00 per month for it in most packages.

So in summary, haven't got a clue given my experience why your home phone modem would interfere with Internet, but if it improved when you removed it, maybe it was the splitter, or a bad coax patch cable to one of the modems, but definitely as you describe, it improved once you pulled it out. Whether this is a correct connection configuration, I can't comment on, except I have never had any issues with Internet/home phone split off same feed, or Internet/TV off the same feed, and yes, the first split is Internet one line, then TV 3 lines, and then home phone was added to the Internet feed line with a splitter.

The reality is that each service is running down dedicated channels, but there could be signal issues, or feedback issues if there are issues with the cabling itself or the splitter, or connectors.


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Re: Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

I want to pay my rogers bill on the rogers app. But it will not let me sign into my account :s
When I input my username/password it gives me a notice saying "something went wrong we're working to fix this as soon as possible, please check back later."
This issue has been going on for weeks! Is their anyway to solve this problem.
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Re: Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

@Marshalllynn: This pop-up comes up sometimes for people and it may be related to your cookies or history or cache.  As indicated in the following link, when I cleared all my Rogers-related cookies and my cache, I was then able to sign in.




The particular problem was with the forum, but it also applies to other Rogers logins.


Here are additional tips that we summarized in a different thread to cover most eventualities:


1. Make sure that you have Javascript turned on in your browser settings.

2. Make sure you don't have the pop-up blocker enabled.

3. Make sure you don't have any "extensions" like adblockers enabled.

4. Try a different browser.

5. It's always good to have a "clean" browser as a fallback so that you don't have anything blocking progress on certain websites that require some or all of the above.

6. Try using Incognito Mode in Chrome as this usually bypasses any problematic cookies or cache issues.

7. Try clearing cookies and reboot your PC

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Re: Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

I have an issue that my Rogers Home Internet cannot get access to certain websites but they can be entered by my cell phone data(Rogers) and in the other places(like Tim Hortons, Toronto Lib). I called the tech groups and they gave me an issue ticket number and solve the problem in 2 hours. However, the same issue arose in the next day. 


So, I would like to ask whether the other Rogers user happened to this kind issue. If so, please give me some advice how should I do. Thanks anyway.


The websites that cannot be connected are:



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Re: Unable to load certain website(s) and or videos

Hey @CHAO2019,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thanks for posting! 


You definitely narrowed it down to something on your home internet. Typically if Technical Support submitted a ticket for a DNS type of issue, it can take 24 to 48 hours to investigate. 


Are any other Community members having trouble accessing certain websites?


Please send us a PM to @CommunityHelps and we can update you on your ticket status. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find the instructions here.