The worst router in the world, hitron

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The worst router in the world, hitron

I am writing this post when I am watching a 360p vedio on YouTube. Everytime it lags, I write a bit. The maximum download speed can reach 3m/s and still lag for anything else. Basically any new tcp connection it has to wait for 1 minutes. You have upgraded our router! The only difference is to wait longer to login to the console and restart the router. Yes! I have to restart this . 10 times a day and I can get normal performance for 5 mins Everytime I restart it. And when I . call you, you check the bandwidth and say you can't find the problem. Genuis! So I don't even brother to leave my name and place here, I will never ever use Rogers again and use all my strength to stop every single person I know from using Rogers. By the way, I am using 3G to send this message while I am at home.

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Re: The worst router in the world, hitron

Hi @mohuzi,


We apologize you are feeling this way about the router. We hear at the Community Forums would love the opportunity to take over and assist with any further concerns.


Please let us know and we'll have someone reach out to you via PM.




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Re: The worst router in the world, hitron

Something is definately up.. either bad router.. or something signal (that the techs are not looking at).

With proper signals and the proper configed modem, you shouldn't have much of an issue.

I am on the 100u plan, with pretty close to perfect signal.. and can get max speed or higher with no issues, even on GOOD wireless.  I dont think i have rebooted my router since it was installed well over a year ago (maybe other than power outages).  No issues with streaming multiple HD feeds at a time.

I would recomend overall pushing the issues to get a tech out to swap the modem and check all the connectors and signals.
Regardless of provider, if the infrastructure is a possible problem, it could cary over to another provider.