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Streaming Xbox to PC

I Plan to Stick Around



Hi everyone,


I did try searching for my situation but no luck so here goes:


I have one of the recent Advanced Wi Fi modems from rogers (I forget the model #).


I also have a DLink router.


Using all of the same cables and equipment, if I plug my PC and my Xbox into my Dlink router, my Xbox is able to see my pc and can play videos from it.


If I take those same cables and move them over to the Rogers modem, the Xbox cannot see the PC at all.


So there's obviously a setting on the Rogers modem that I need to change, but I can't seem to figure out which one it is. I tried calling Rogers but I'm not entirely sure they understood what I was trying to do, and the tech's solution seemed to have me doing nothing except unplugging and plugging in the cable modem over and over.


I should mention that when the xbox and PC are connected to the Rogers modem, everything else works perfectly.  The only thing I can't get it to do, is let the Xbox and PC talk to each other. I have verified that they are both on the same IP range, same subnet etc...


Anyone know the solution to this by chance?


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Re: Streaming Xbox to PC

I'm a Reliable Contributor

Are you changing the modem from Gateway mode to Bridge mode when you connect the DLink, and then back to Gateway mode when you connect directly?

Re: Streaming Xbox to PC

I Plan to Stick Around

No.  I actually don't use or even have my Dlink router connected to my Rogers modem at all.


I just dug it out to test it. 


If I plug them both into the Dlink, the Xbox says "hey there's your pc, lets watch a video!"


If I unplug them both from the Dlink, and plug them both into the Rogers modem, the Xbox says "hey I don't see any pc's here but if you have a usb stick we can watch a video!"


I'm sure there's  a setting on the Rogers modem, my guess is something to do with Network Discovery, but I can't find it 😞

Re: Streaming Xbox to PC

I Plan to Stick Around

What IP are your computer and xbox assigned when plugged directly into the Rogers modem? this will give us an idea if your being assigned a private or public address on them and thus deduce if your modem is in Bridge or Gateway mode.  Do they start with 192.168.X.X or something else?

Re: Streaming Xbox to PC

I Plan to Stick Around



They're both 192.168.x.x


I tried a Wireshark capture on my pc to see what (if anything) was happening, but something on the Rogers modem seems to be preventing the xbox from even trying to talk to the pc.

Re: Streaming Xbox to PC

I Plan to Stick Around

I cant see the built in DLNA server on the modem conflicting with your serving of DLNA media from the pc but you can log into the modem and try shutting off the intigrated DLNA server on the modem. 

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