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Strange issue with Ignite Internet speeds

I've been here awhile



I just swapped over from Bell to Rogers since bell does not offer anything faster than 100Mbps at my building. I got the Ignite Gigabit plan and did the self install. Technician checked the signal incoming prior to leaving me with the package and everything was all good. Now... the weird thing is the gigabit speeds only work sometimes. My setup right now is a cat6 ethernet cable going from the modem to a switch capable of doing 2.5 gig speeds. The problem is after a few hours the modem ethernet port turns an amber color and it seems to only be sending out 100Mbps. If I plug in a seperate laptop through ethernet in another port on the modem then I get gigabit speeds, but the ethernet going to the switch still stays at 100Mbps. 


If I then take another ethernet cord and use that to connect the switch and the modem all is good. Now... if I take that cat6 ethernet cable and connect it to the switch I get gigabit speeds. If I take the cat6 and plug it back into the router to have my initial setup, I get gigabit speeds again, but only for a few hours. I actually don't know what's going on. Any advice on how to diagnose what's failing here? The cat6 cable does not seem to be defective. The internet speeds just drop down to 100Mbps for some strange reason. Any solutions or things I could try?   


Re: Strange issue with Ignite Internet speeds

I've been here awhile

A screenshot to capture what's going on: 




Re: Strange issue with Ignite Internet speeds

I plan to stick around

There could be the switch or the cable from the modem to the switch.

First I suggest check on the network switch if it is gigabit switch , some older switch only have one port is gigabit ( or none) and the modem is connected to one of the gigabit port and your testing computer is connect to gigabit port as well. 

Second if your switch is gigabit switch, try to connect it to the 2.5 gigabit port from the rogers gateway/modem, and then connect the same cable to your testing computer directly see if the cable is good for gigabit speed. 

If both the switch and cable are good and capable of gigabit, then theoretically you should get full speed. But also it would depends on if other device is using the internet the same time and the computer itself as well.

also, is your switch a manageable one or PNP one? I had issue with unmanageable ones before, but manageable one should put a priority on the wan port and the port(s) that is using.

Re: Strange issue with Ignite Internet speeds

Hi @smarceta!


If connecting directly into the modem gives you Gigabit speeds but connecting through your switch does not, then by process of elimination, there must be an issue with your switch or the devices connecting through the switch.


I've seen similar issues through a switch elsewhere on the Internet that were resolved by enabling Over Provisioning on your SSD but that falls outside of our regular scope of support if you need assistance with that particular setting.


Would you mind sharing more information about your switch so that our intrepid Community members might better assist with it? 




Re: Strange issue with Ignite Internet speeds

@RogersCorey @smarceta It looks like what's happening is that the link between the switch and Ignite gateway bounces and then autonegotiates a 100 Mb/s connection when it reconnects.  If it's an unmanaged switch and it has buggy hardware or firmware, there is not much that you can do to fix this other than contact the manufacturer for technical support.


If the switch is connected to the Ignite gateway on LAN Port 4, the 2.5 GigE port on an XB7 or XB8, one thing to try is to log into the gateway, go to "Gateway > Connection > WAN Network" and change the WAN Network mode from Auto to DOCSIS.  That will remove the gateway's 2.5 Gig Ethernet port as a candidate WAN port, and this might stabilize any connections on that port.

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