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Re: Speedtest Issues

Hey @os3rules!


Seeing a much lower speed than anticipated can certainly come as a shock! I can confirm that Ookla speed test is accurate. I'll be happy to help identify why you're unable to see higher speeds. To begin, are you able to complete a speed test with two wired devices at the same time? Alternatively one wired device to the modem and one wireless (using 5G). Once done share the results with us and we can go from there.



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Re: Speedtest Issues

@os3rules what modem do you have and what firmware is currently loaded?

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Re: Speedtest Issues

Hi Datalink and RogersAndy:


I have documented my speed problems at length here in September/October or 2019.  In summary I have seen speeds of about 300-350M for many months now (I have the 1G plan).  My average speed for January 2020 was 320.71M with over 150 speed tests).

I have had Rogers techs here 4 times and every one of them have had exactly the same speeds when they do their tests.  They have reset and swapped out the modem multiple times with no improvement.

They have tested the local drop with their equipment and told me that the problem lies there - it is incapable of over 500M and with a number of local users I'm lucky to get the speed I do get. 

My issue is actually with the speedtest itself.  I have been using the browser version for all of my testing but I have tried both the Windows (install) version and the stand-alone line (CLI) version.  While the browser version (no matter which browser I user) shows a speed of 300-350M, the CLI and the windows version show over 800M.  I can't understand how this is possible.

Also - regarding doing multiple tests concurrently - I have run as many a 4 tests at the same time with wildly different speeds that average well over 1G and has reached as much as 1.6G (!).

I am beginning to think that the speedtest is highly unreliable.


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Re: Speedtest Issues

I had this same issue ie and chrome slow speedtest try firefox or fast.com and ull get full speed chrome is very slow and is a know issue that they are not egknowledging after the windows 1909 update!

Also install the speedtest app in Windows 10 it will go full speed!
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Re: Speedtest Issues

Hi sylvain123,

I have run Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Waterfox, etc. and I have run the Ookla Speed test, Fast.com, and about 20 other speed tests, all with the same result - about 300-350M speeds.

I have also run the widows 10 app version of Ookla Speedtest which will average 850-950M and the CLI version that averages about the same.

My question is why is the app or batch speed so much faster? 

And - how can it run that fast when the local breakout box has been tested (many times) and will only run 500M maximum?


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Re: Speedtest Issues


Now I'm not getting any upload speed for Rogers on speedtest.net.  What gives?

Every other server runs fine.  Downloads run fine.  Uploads run fine for everyone but Rogers Toronto (funny

'cuz Rogers Ottawa if OK).

Only happens of Firefox (ver: 74.0 x64).  Works OK with Opera, Waterfox Chrome Edit and just about

everything else.

AND - there are no "results" for my Toronto Rogers test either.

I have to assume that there is something between their server and Firefox in particular.

I took a screen shot of the results as proof that I was going to embed but it won't let me  ☹️

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Re: Speedtest Issues

I have 1 gigabyte/30m Ignite internet service. Due to the Covid-19 spreading, I have to work from home these days.  


Speed testing using speedtest.net in the early morning, I got download speed between 200-300m. During the daytime working hours, the speed can reach 700-800m. The scenario has been like this since I started working from home  more than 10 days ago. I won't be notice this if work in-office.


I have CODA-4852 modem set as bridge mode.  I have Asus RT-AC3100 as the main router with the latest Merlin firmware installed.