Smart devices randomly not accessible from the outside

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Smart devices randomly not accessible from the outside




I have 12 TP Link wifi plugs (HS105) and light switches (HS200) at home.


Ever since I joined Rogers, these have been acting up: absolutely randomly, some of them become "local only", i.e. I can only control them while I am on the home wifi, using the TP Link Kasa app. They appear as not accessible if I try to reach them while I am away - be it from another wifi or using mobile data.


Although this never happened with my previous ISP, I thought perhaps the issue is with TP Link, so I searched online and implemented the suggested solutions (changed the wifi channel, assigned static IP addresses to each device). This did NOT solve the problem.


The issue is not specific to the same switches each time - the lack of accessibility is absolutely random.


When I contacted Rogers, the tech support desk's solution was to reset my CGM4140COM modem to factory defaults. This did NOT resolve the issue.


Any ideas?


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Re: Smart devices randomly not accessible from the outside

Hello, @FrauSchlau


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We appreciate you posting your concerns in the Community. I can imagine how frustrating it is to lose remote access to some of your smart devices.


With it being so random and not specific to any one device it makes it a bit more difficult to troubleshoot this. We have had other users report issues with smart-devices due to band steering on the modem. Can you confirm if the equipment you are using is compatible with both 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi bands?


It's usually a good idea to factory reset your equipment before connecting it to a new modem/router. Have you tried resetting the TP-Link equipment before connecting it to the Gateway modem?


We look forward to your response!





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Re: Smart devices randomly not accessible from the outside

The devices are still working?  But are just not communicating outbound?
So they will work when on your internal network and just not outside?

I am wondering if they are not using a standard port like 80, and a more custom.
With UPNP on, it MIGHT be working, most of the time, but then not others, say if its not resetting the UPNP of ports that were in use, etc.

I wonder if there are specific port forwards recommended for their outbound connections?
Might provide a consistent connection.