Slow upload speed at night.

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Re: Slow upload speed at night.

Throttling upload




I am a new customer, on the 150 down 15 up package. I do not have any issues with latency or downstream, but the upload seems to be throttled during evening hours. From around 4pm-1am EST, I'm getting around 4-6meg upload, sometimes less. Then it goes back to 15 at 3 in the morning.


I find this a bit of false-advertising since I was told Rogers does not throttle. I also find this inconvenient since I stream, and sometimes am unable to due to the throttling.


Can you please not throttle the upload? Download is never affected. 

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Re: Slow upload speed at night.

@d4nt3ch I suspect that your not running into throttling at all.   If this is a nightly occurrence, its more likely a matter of upload congestion at the Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS).  The CMTS provides service to your neighborhood, specifically the Rogers and TPIA Internet Modems, Cable TV receivers and Home Phone modems.  So, with everyone home at night, streaming, gaming, watching movies, the upload to and thru the CMTS increases dramatically, to the point where you experience slower than expected data rates.  If you called tech support at night, when you're upload rate is slow, ask the CSR what the CMTS load is.  That should be available in terms of a percentage of the max load that the CTMS can handle.  It might be time to split the node, that is, install a secondary CMTS and cut the load for the existing CMTS in half.  Ask tech support if there is a work order in place to split the node.  Perhaps he or she can tell you, no guarantees on that one however. 

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Re: Slow upload speed at night.

Hi Rogers


I am current rogers customer for Internet, TV, and Home phone, where I having issue with my internet bandwidth. Everyday at night my internet speed goes down to 1+ Mbps. Today I was log into my rogers web portal and try your bold chat support option which is showing 24/7 support and after trying several time I got a tech but failed to provide any support.


Please help me get the service I should be getting.





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Re: Slow upload speed at night.

Really you would need to call into tech support over the phone to really get the full support.. as there is no rogers techs on this board... its primarily a user to user board.

That being said, we may be able to help 🙂

There could be a few things that are causing this.. such as overselling, etc..
But quite often could be other things.

One thing quite possibly be, is signal.    That during the day, the overall signal in the neighborhood is more than fast enough for during the day.  But in the evening, there are probably more and more people accessing the internet in the area (its probably the busiest time).  That if there is a deficiency in the area, that it cant keep up during that peak time.

If you are able to log into your modem, and if you can go to the Docsis WAN tab, and post the values. 
Both at an OK time, and at a time where its slow, may show where the issue is stemming from.

Again, best thing overall would be to CALL during those bad times, and at tech can check the levels as well at that time.