Slow Speeds With Ignite100

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Re: Slow Speeds With Ignite100

Super slow internet after cancelling cable services


Hi--just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Our internet was fine, until we cancelled our cable and home phone services with Rogers. Then--nothing but problems.  And of course, these can only be resolved by upgrading our internet package. We're not super impressed with Rogers (a big part of the reason we are trying to reduce rather than expand our relationship with them) but this seems scuzzy, even for them. Has anyone else experienced this?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: Slow Speeds With Ignite100

Hi there, you gave a lot of unnecessary info there, unrelated to your problem, but you did not give additional info directly related to your actual problem that will help us answer your issue. I will now ask you the questions that will help.

Does your slow speeds issue happen when you are using a device that is connected to your modem with a wire, or does it happen on devices that are connected wirelessly, or both?

how far is your modem from the room you most often use your devices in? is it in the same room, next room over, or is it 2 floors down in your basement?