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Slow Internet and Latency Spikes, Need Help!

I've Been Here Awhile



I have been experiencing a lot of internet issues concerning speed and latency, for approximately a month. I have frequently contacted Rogers, in which two techinicans came to my house. The first technicain came to my house because my internet was offline for extended periods of times (aprox. a few hours each time). Maintenace also came to improve wireless signal. Afterwards, my internet did not imrpoved but was extremely slow where it was impossible to watch even just two minute YouTube videos. A second technican came and reset my modem and said that if problems persist, get a new modem, and I did, however the internet was still slow. Recently, multiple devices were able to connect to my wifi, but there was no internet connection available except for YouTube, no other website. I called Rogers, and my Modem was reset twice which temporarily resolved my internet problems, although a day after the reset, my internet is still slow despite all the technical assistance.


Main problems I am experiencing are:


- Generally Slow Internet
- Fluctuating ping/latency in online games, that makes them very laggy


Internet Plan: Hybird 30 & Techxpert


Modem Model: CGN2-Rog


Device Information
System Time Fri Jul 22 06:31:48 2016 (UTC+0)
System Uptime 001 days 08h:30m:39s
Model Name CGN2-ROG
SW version
HW version 1A
RG Status ON
Wifi Status ON
NAT Status ON
DHCP Status ON
Firewall Status ON


CM Status:


Port 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Frequency (MHz) 603.000 609.000 615.000 621.000 357.000 363.000 369.000 375.000
Modulation 256 QAM 256 QAM 256 QAM 256 QAM 256 QAM 256 QAM 256 QAM 256 QAM
Signal power (dBmV) 1.915 2.111 1.742 1.783 -1.10 -1.08 -1.35 -1.00
Signal noise ratio (dB) 36.174 36.174 35.972 36.174 36.386 36.609 36.386 36.386
Channel ID 33 34 35 36 9 10 11 12


Port 1 2 3 4
Frequency (Hz) 30596000 23700000 38596000
Bandwidth (kbps/KHz) 6400000 6400000 3200000
Signal power (dBmV) 45.2500 44.7500 44.7500
Channel ID 4 5 6









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Re: Slow Internet and Latency Spikes, Need Help!

I Plan to Stick Around



Re: Slow Internet and Latency Spikes, Need Help!

Unfortunately I don't have a date that I can share at this time. Once again, I do apologize.



Re: Slow Internet and Latency Spikes, Need Help!

The problems that I've detailed previously in this thread have come back. 


Granted it's not as bad as before (where it was basically an issue all day long for several weeks).


It happened again between 1AM-2AM EST this morning.  I'm not going through the process of doing extra work that a paying customer should charging Rogers back for.


Can I get the number of customer relations?  I really feel at this point that the thieves at Rogers should just let me out of my contract so I can move on.

Re: Slow Internet and Latency Spikes, Need Help!

Hi @scratchieepants,


Customer Relations doesn't have a direct number. You have to request to be transferred to them.



Re: Slow Internet and Latency Spikes, Need Help!



Thanks Corey.


I'll give them a call.

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