Slow Internet Ignite 75

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Slow Internet Ignite 75


I got Rogers Ignite 75 at the start of June. My speeds never seem to go over 5 MBPS download and upload about 1.5 ....  What can be wrong here. I just moved to an apartment here in Ottawa and ended up using D-Link's POWELINE AV2 1000 GIGABIT KIT - this uses the wiring in a house/apartment as the Ethernet cable. One end plugs into the Rogers Modem/Router and the other unit plugs into the Router/Computer.

Why is my speed soooooo slow?  In Brockville I was using TrueSpeed and my 40 Mbps always downloaded with that speed.


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Re: Slow Internet Ignite 75

Hello, @eschober.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your slow speed concern in the Community; we can help troubleshoot the issue. How are you testing the speed? Are you getting 5 MBps or 5 Mbps?


Have you tried bypassing the powerline adapter and testing the speed directly at the modem?


Can you log into the modem, navigate to Status/DOCSIS WAN and post the Downstream, Upstream tables, so that we can analyze the signal levels at the modem?




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Re: Slow Internet Ignite 75

I know it may be a pain, but I would suggest doing as RogersMoin said, and at least temp if you can move the equipment into where the modem is, and plug in direct, and see if the speed increases.

This will let you know if the problem is at the modem level.. or could be the powerline.

Powerline, while they can work, any weird wiring, crossed phases, etc could always cause some issues.  It being an in apartment could quite easily be part of it.