Sending POP3 Mail Over Rogers Network

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Sending POP3 Mail Over Rogers Network

I recently moved and got Rogers Internet.  My email is not with Rogers ( and so I needed to change the SMTP settings in my eamil program.  Using the information from Rogers site did not work so I called customer support for help.  Spoke to 3 different people and they could not resolve the issue.  Does Rogers not allow third party email to be sent over their network?  Can't even find details on POP3 accounts on their help section either.  Any assitance is appreciated. 

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Re: Sending POP3 Mail Over Rogers Network

Hello @switcher,


While we do allow third party email to be sent over our network, we do not offer much support for it. The most we can do is provide you with the proper settings. If they do not work, you'd have to reach out to your email host for further assistance.


In order to send email through our SMTP server, you'll have to setup a Rogers email address and use it for authentication.


You can find the settings here:



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Re: Sending POP3 Mail Over Rogers Network

some 3rd party email hosts will send out... but a good chunk of them will not.  Many are blocked.
Not for the sake, say of rogers trying to force you to use their own email, etc.
Its to help with preventing SPAM.
That a machine can be infected with some malware, etc... which is then set up that PC to send out mass mailings, using some 3rd party email service.. and just spaming out millions of emails, etc.



You are still able to continue to use your 3rd party service to receive emails.

What you would want to do, is make sure that at least 1 rogers email address is set up (even if you dont use it).  You may need to get help from rogers in setting up the address.

Then, from there, you will in  your email settings for your 3rd party email, leave all incoming settings the exact same, but you will want to put your ROGERS email credentials for the outgoing.