SMPT outbound email issue

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SMPT outbound email issue

A chronic recurring problem for my wife's account is the password/userid coming up as incorrect when trying to send an email from her iPhone.
I've re-built the account on the phone many times, this doesn't seem to help. It has all the correct info, the exact same settings I am using on my phone with no issue.
This happened a little while back - and when Rogers 'fixed' her account they did something that torpedoed not only her account but mine as well (as the main account holder I guess). We went almost two weeks with totally sporadic service - it was totally hit or miss whether or not we could send or receive an email on any device - iPhone, iPad or Apple mail on the computer. The only thing that worked was the direct login to the account on
It eventually got sorted out and they in the end did fix the accounts.
Does anybody know about this server problem? By coincidence, when she couldn't send from her phone yesterday she sent the email from her computer yesterday. The Apple email program got a popup saying the server had an invalid security certificate. Hmmmmm.



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Re: SMPT outbound email issue



I've had this issue on both my computer and iPhone many times. I use the same server setups on both devices. Every once in a while, my user ID and/or password gets rejected. Haven't had it happen for several weeks, though. I just chalk it up to technical problems on Rogers' end.

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Re: SMPT outbound email issue

I as well had it off and on on mine.

Best I can suggest? Switch to using the built in iPhone setup for yahoo. It will work for the Rogers login. (I believe it is a imap setup)
Since I switched to this, I have had zero issues in that regard.

Remember that this way it's not a copy, it live deleted from the Rogers server.

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Re: SMPT outbound email issue



I also suggest trying access the Rogers webmail at to test the email and password. Then just confirm the same email and password in the email client (outlook, windows mail, mac mail...).


Hope this helps!