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Run a speed test to check the current speed to your home and the speed to the device you’re using. The speed test only measures the speed on the device on which the app is installed and the speed test is run. To run a speed test on other devices, you need to install the app on those devices. You can also check the WiFi signal strength of those devices in the device list or device details screen.


  1. Sign in to the MyWiFi App.


  1. Tap the Speed Test tile to check your speed.


  1. Click Begin speed test.


  1. Review the results.

The app runs 2 speed tests:

  • Speed from internet to modem: The number on the left-hand side of the speed test page is your speed to your Rogers modem. It is rated in relation to the package download speed. Ratings used are: poor, fair, excellent and outstanding. This speed represents the amount of bandwidth available to all of your devices in your home, whether connected over WiFi or Ethernet (wired).
  • Speed from internet to device:  The number on the right-hand side of the speed test page is your speed to the mobile device on which you are currently using the MyWiFi app. This is similar to ookla or speed tests. This speed is rated based on expected customer experience on a single WiFi device. It also lists the most popular online activities that are supported by the measured speed.  These results will be affected by the speed to your modem and your WiFi network.  This means that the right-hand side will likely be lower or the same as the left-hand It will be dependent on your location in your home relative to your modem. The closer you are and with less walls, floors, etc. will increase your speed to your device.

The summary (top section of speed results page) shows only the download speeds for both tests. It helps customers self-identify where the real speed bottleneck is:

  • Inside the home (usually weak WiFi signal, customer devices etc.)
  • Outside the home (usually with Rogers network).

The recommended sequence to read the speed results is from top-left to the bottom right. It also shows customer’s package – download and upload speeds

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