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Rogers speed test lies

I Plan to Stick Around

I signed up for express when the speed was 15mbps, so that is my contract, even though express is at 25 mbps now.  Every single speed test site gives me a result of 15, which I have, but the rogers speed test gives me 25 everytime.  This is proof that the rogers speed test doesn't test your actual speed, it just tells you what you're supposed to have.  This is about the zillionth time I've caught Rogers being dishonest. 😞



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Re: Rogers speed test lies


Over the past couple years I've had the Express package (rated for 25Mbps/3.125MBpbs down and 2Mbps/256KBps up), my upload speeds haven't changed a bit. Not once have I seen it go to, or higher, than 64KBps and even getting close to that is rare. Not to mention, my actual download speeds are NEVER close to 25Mbps. No matter what I'm downloading (through Steam, Dreamspark, etc.) it will always hit around 22Mbps for a second, then quickly drop to 10-12Mbps for the rest of the download. According to I should be getting ~20Mbps, but this is never the case with actual usage.


I'm not basing this purely off of either, viewing my PC's exact usage through the Task Manager gives the exact same results, whether I'm uploading to my cloud storage, downloading updates, or anything else. Frankly it's absurd how much I'm paying for what I'm actually getting.


The biggest problem: whenever my upload bandwidth is clogged (ie. pretty well always), everything else bogs right down and I literally can't do anything else. Of course, this wouldn't be so bad if only my upload speeds were actually as fast as they should be - at least then I could get my uploads done faster.


So here's my question: has anyone else experienced this same issue, and if so, how can I get it fixed? I have the SMC D3GN-RES, so the router likely isn't the problem. Also, I get the same results on my desktop (Ethernet) and laptop (WiFi-N). Also, not sure if it matters, but I have the 300Gb Express package.



Re: Rogers speed test lies

Resident Expert

I am using the same gateway, and am getting my speetests pretty proper. (though i am in a very different area than you.. you are in NB? i am in ontario).  So the gateway is not the culprit.

Now.. as for ever seeing those speeds, outside of a speedtest?  You likely NEVER will.  25mbps is a combined overall  what the total pipe could potentialy give you.
You would likely NEVER see speeds like that when downloading something, etc.  The end SERVING the information, would not be pushing it out that quickly, that much at one time.  Your limiting factor is the other end in some cases.

Now, if you had MULTIPLE things going, potentialy you could see it.  I have seen 15+mbps combined download, between multiple torrents at different times.. but thats between them ALL.. highest one maxed at around 6 i think. (and thats 6 then for that torrent.. which is then likely smaller amounts, from MANY sources).


Though yes, there is something up, if you are not getting quite your promised speeds on a speed test.   On the 25/2 package, you should be showing on a speedtest (as long as its one of the prefered ones, you may have to try a few to get different results).. 23+ / 1.8.

Re: Rogers speed test lies

Yeah, I'm in Ontario as well.


The thing I find odd it that quite often when I'm just starting to download something, I do notice download speeds get to 22-24Mbps almost every time - which shows that it's clearly capable of the speeds, but then a second or two later it ALWAYS drops to my usual 10-13Mbps. It's frustrating, since it seems to be able to get the proper speeds, but it simply can't hold them for some reason.


Speaking of the other end though - I often get most of my downloading done while I'm at school now - I get speeds in excess of 5 MB/s (Steam and Dreamspark alike). But whenever I download from those same sources from my home internet, it's always the same result. So I know the end servers are plenty capable, and that something must be wrong with my service. I've tested for months now, and pretty well any time of the day I get the same results. My internet also completely drops from time to time, but that's a different story for another time...


I just did some more searching online and found my router doesn't have the latest firmware. I apparently have the SMCD3GN-RRR (not RES, which I could've sworn it was) with FW v3. From what I've seen online, it should be at v3. No idea whether this would be what's affecting my service or what..


I've no clue how the firmware updating works though..I've always assumed Rogers did it automatically from their end.

Re: Rogers speed test lies

Resident Expert

Normally yes.  You should be able to call in and have them push it out.


I am on the same revision as you though.


The start of the download, with the spike at the begining, is normal.  Rogers has the SPEED BOOST, which will bost the begining of a download with extra speed, then drop it down.  Primarily this is for helping with streaming stuff.. (loads more of the video quicker at the begingin).


What results do you get from the rogers speed tests?
While not a good test as what you will get on the INTERNET as a whole, as the packets never really go OUT to the internet... it will show at least the potential out of the house.. if it cant get the speeds there.. there is an issue with the gateway communicating out.

Re: Rogers speed test lies

When I tried the Rogers speed test, I got the exact same results as the regular ~20Mbps down and ~0.5Mbps up.


I had no idea about the "Speed Boost" - doesn't really seem all that useful though.. although maybe I just don't notice the times it kicks in when on youtube or whatever else. I've found that regardless of the video, if I watch it in 720p or 1080p, I always have to wait at some point for buffering - always depending on how much my upload bandwidth is being used.


Really though, my biggest issue is with the upload speeds and how there seems to be a complete lack of QOS for it (even though it's typically the bigger bottleneck).



EDIT: Considering my speeds have peaked above the results though, don't you think the problem wouldn't be with my modem? I mean, it's obvious it can get higher speeds, just not consistently (and assuming they're only due to the speed boost). I'm wondering if there's some error on the Rogers end, maybe they didn't actually give me the service upgrade from what, 18 -> 25 down and 1 -> 2 up?