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Rogers speed test lies

I Plan to Stick Around

I signed up for express when the speed was 15mbps, so that is my contract, even though express is at 25 mbps now.  Every single speed test site gives me a result of 15, which I have, but the rogers speed test gives me 25 everytime.  This is proof that the rogers speed test doesn't test your actual speed, it just tells you what you're supposed to have.  This is about the zillionth time I've caught Rogers being dishonest. 😞



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Re: Rogers speed test lies

Rogers Fixed Internet 10-20x slower then Telus LTE


I did the following test (same location, same time, same device)

1) Used my iPhone on Wifi (over Rogers Broadband 75u service)

   - gives me 100Mb/s down

   - (Netflix) gives me 20-40Mb/s

   - test I get 2-5Mb/s


2) I turn off Wifi on my iPhone and switch to Telus LTE (in a dense urban environment during busy hours)

   - gives me around 100Mb/s

   - (Netflix) gives me around 100 Mb/s

   - gives me 50 Mb/s


We all know Speedtest is hosted by Rogers, and probably prioritized to always be fast.  Netflix likely has a CDN in the Rogers Network or nearby peering point, so also fast, but surprising that Telus LTE is double the speed.

But what is really surprising is that which is supposed to simulate regular web surfing performance, is 10-20x faster on Telus LTE.


I did this test after I noticed that certain websites (particularly software updates from smaller sites) were surprisingly slow.


Is Rogers selectively throttling certain sites?  Or is there simply a bottleneck somewhere?

I would expect others should be able to replicate this test.

Re: Rogers speed test lies

I also ran the same test on my iMac and MBP both connected over Ethernet to the Rogers Cable modem. Same results as with the iPhone. The issue appears to clearly be the Rogers network. All your other arguments are negated by the fact that Telus LTE does not experience any choke points.

Re: Rogers speed test lies

While rogers does have speedtest hosted servers.. its not their product (its ookla).
And depending on where you are, may have extra options (may have to go to their legacy tester to get the server choices)

From my location, to the closest point, gives me about 5 options? (which is Toronto)
Rogers i get above my speed, makes sense, as I am not leaving their network.  This shows that at least your connection TO rogers is working, the infrastructure there, can handle those speeds.
I have also just tested with 2 other servers.
Telus - gives me the same results as the rogers server speed wise, but a higher ping.
Bell - again, higher ping, even than telus, down was the same speed, up was a little slower though.
(These are actually much better results than I expected.. normally there is a much bigger drop in the past to other ones).

I just ran the test.. and much to my surprise, for me was able to get pretty much the same results as above. (last time I ran it, it was much slower).  Same goes for

All that being said above..
Is rogers specifically slowing down stuff outside of their network, etc?  No.  The tests I have run pretty much prove that. (as goes to new york as the closest.. have not tested anything further away than new york though)

It is
.   At least potentially for where YOU yourself is.

Again, my testing, i live in the GTA, north of toronto, everything filters through toronto and out onto other backbones, etc from there.

Where you are may be another story.  The routing that yours takes, could be a completely different route.
Being near toronto. netflix, etc all likely have a CDN in or near the Toronto area, etc, or at least in some cases new york, etc.. so getting a fast connection to things, its a very short route and able to get full speeds.
Yours may be taking a round about way to do its routing.. which is causing those speed drops.
Telus may not experience them, as they may be getting onto a completely different backbone, and completely different routes.  

(This is quite a number of years back, likely changed now, but always used to have to tell a friend to NOT do speedtests in his town.  Lived in Waterloo.  Would speed test in waterloo, and get less than he should! Except, he wasnt.  If he speed tested ANY toronto servers (even non rogers) would get full speeds.  Why?  The stupid way things were routed.. the data went from waterloo, back to toronto, then back to waterloo).

Re: Rogers speed test lies

There is some logic to what you are saying but Rogers just increased my bill by 30%, and the justification was investments in the network to get me higher speeds. I am not seeing the speed, just the price increase. Telus did not increase my bill, but 10-20x higher speed for same test.

Re: Rogers speed test lies

I've Been Here Awhile

I have never had Rogers speed to what I signed for, except when I call their helpdesk,

Agree, this happens to me all the time, and if you call their help desk, they will bump up the speed to justify.