Rogers prioritizing certain speedtest websites

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Rogers prioritizing certain speedtest websites

Why is it that i get my advertised speeds on rogers own speedtest website, or but on other websites such as which is well known i get terrible speeds. Also downloading from high end databases which i know should be able to give out great upload speeds such as OVH i get terrible results, similar to the results.


Is rogers giving priority to certain websites and really limiting our download speeds?


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Rogers prioritizing certain speedtest websites

Also to clearify the speed differences im talking about are huge. More than double/triple
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Resident Expert
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Re: Rogers prioritizing certain speedtest websites

Its probably very simple. and its not prioritizing really in the end.

It really comes down to ENDPOINT location you are testing against.


Rogers speed test.. obviously will be the best... you are going the SHORTEST distance.. not really outside of the rogers network. by default, you are usually pointed at a LOCAL one, shortest distance to you.  Its usually pretty good, as its on the same network, or at least pretty darn close, and only may have to do a short hop to change networks.


I took a look at and their closest endpoint server is in new york. (assuming thats the one it puts us on).

The further you go, the more slow down you are possibly to get.. as it hops from one network to another.

Its quite possible that the network that their tests are done off, are not a well pathed end location, which would slow it down more.

I can create much the same thing, using
Using it, i use the default servers it gives me.. a bunch of ones from Toronto.  (none of which are on rogers direct), i usually get the 90-130mbps (i am on the 100u package).
I change my server over to one of the NY ones.  I chose the Rochester NY one.
Aaaaand... my download goes down to 10mbps 😛

Its all dependant on your ENDPOINT server.  What they can serve to you... but also the PATH of how it gets there, weither it is optimized, running through nodes which are having issues, etc.


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Re: Rogers prioritizing certain speedtest websites

Hello @Turntables


Thank you for your post, speedtests are designed to give a general idea of the internet speeds. There are many variables involved like the proximity of the test server, time of the day etc. Generally closest test servers will yield accurate package speeds.


When you use Rogers’ Speedcheck or, these services will connect you to the closest test servers. I’m in Toronto and I tried the site you have mentioned, it connected me to a Chicago2 server and speeds dropped to 1/3rd of my package speed. So your observation was correct. Basically, between my modem and test server there may be lot of hops and other network issues which yielded slower speeds.


Thank you for your understanding,