Rogers is a monopoly

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Rogers is a monopoly

I was using rogers internet security, but then bought a  computer with windows 8, which rogers security does not support.  ended up buying Norton for all the computers in my house.  uninstalled rogers security, but they kept charging me for it,  spent countless hours on the phone and with rogers chat, only to get no where.  I WANT ROGERS OUT OF MY HOUSE!!



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Re: Rogers is a monopoly

Didn't need to buy Norton either.


Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows (free) would have done the trick just fine.


There's also plenty of FREE Antivirus software out there if you're so inclined. Most of them are very good. Norton is NOTORIOUS for causing system errors, slowdowns and bad stuff in general. Win8's built in firewall also does the trick nicely.


As far as Rogers security goes: Would you hire a plumber to repair your car engine? Rogers is out to make a buck. You're out to PROTECT your computer/investment. That's 2 completely different objectives needing to be fulfilled.

Yea I know, this post is total "Hogwash"
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Rogers is a monopoly

Cancelling all rogers services ASAP.  Spent half an hour on rogers "Chat" who then blamed me for the problem.

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Re: Rogers is a monopoly

Hey everyone!  


Just a quick update that the Rogers Online Security now supports windows 8 computers.


1) Rogers online protection basic : suits casual web users who want that extra bit of support to help protect their computer and data. Protects up to 3 PCs from the latest viruses and security threats.1 You can also set limits on what your children access online.


2) Rogers online protection premium : suits households that

  • Have multiple computers on one network
  • Connect to the internet via Wi-Fi
  • Own sensitive documents and files
  • Access secure sites like online banking

Along with virus, malware, fraud and identity theft protection, this enhanced security suite for up to 5 PCs1 includes firewall and Bitdefender Safepay™ secure browser. *Does not guarantee protection against all possible threats.


Hope this comes in handy.


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Re: Rogers is a monopoly

I have been using absolutey *FREE* Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows for years. And now it has been included as a standard feature into Win 8.


Best there is our there IMO!!