Rogers Yahoo Mail is slow/down

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Rogers Yahoo Mail is slow/down

Rogers (Yahoo) Mail seems to be totally broken.  Takes about 2 hours to download 20 messages onto my Mac.  Started yesterday, apparently "a problem at Yahoo".  No time estimates, took repeated calls to get an admission that there *was* a problem, wasted hours with seriously clueless phone support people.


How about changing to a reliable email server, Rogers?  And employing tech support people who know what they are doing?


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Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail is slow/down


Hello, @paulenash


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your email concern in the Community. A slow or not working email service is definitely inconvenient. I suggest trying our webmail service as an alternate while the issue is getting resolved.  


Thank you for your patience.





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Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail is slow/down

@paulenash as a simple fix, you'll want to get off of Rogers Yahoo! mail as soon as possible.


Open an email account with a provider who isn't tied to your ISP.  That way, when you change ISPs in the future (better service, better price, moving, etc.) you won't have to worry about moving/losing all of your emails.


There are other posts in this forum, and on the web, about all the security exposures with Rogers Yahoo! mail.  

Choose another service that offers 2 Factor Authentication (like GMail or Outlook, or iCloud if you're in the Apple ecosystem) for greater security than Rogers offers.

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Re: Rogers Yahoo Mail is slow/down

Every email.. there is always a chance of issues.

Gmail, havent heard anything specific... but outlook? (used to be hotmail), while not many in the future... that was one of my main email address back for many years (your talking early high speed days), and there will NEUMEROUS breaches then.  There is always a chance.

Though i know there is often no headway on even an ISP tied one.. you get much the same with any 'free' one as well in terms of service..  at least 3 ocasions, where hotmail completelly LOST all my emails... and pretty much their answer was "Oh well, its a free service".



As for this specific issue... i have been receiving emails completely fine on my rogers email over this time period.  It may have been only one specific email server, rather than the service as a whole?
Only other thing possibly, could be something which i have seen come up a number of time.. (not sure if its really a yahoo/server issue, or something else), where there is an email with a malformed header or something.. and just about any client will hang on downloading it.
Real pain to try and find the bad one too.. sort of move batches of emails out of the webmail inbox to another folder.. move some back, try it downloading.  Move some more, etc.. until you narrow it down to when it hangs.. then you know where the bad email is.