Rogers Outdoor Pedestal

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Re: Rogers Outdoor Pedestal

@Pihc11 wrote:
Thanks for the info!

Random question for you: there is another lot we can go with that doesnt have a box but it does sit at the end of the cross street so the stop sign would be right across from our house. Having lived through it yourself, would you rather deal with the annoyance of cables or headlights?



I have the tap/pedestal on my front yard, it's no big deal. My house is 11 years old and I can count on one hand the amount of times I've seen a Rogers tech open/access the tap. Don't make your lot decision based on the tap, it's really not a big deal, and something that is rarely accessed.


As for choosing a corner lot, I personally wouldn't, and people I know in real estate also told me they wouldn't touch a corner lot house. (noise, privacy, maintenance of land the government owns, but you still have to maintain). 

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Re: Rogers Outdoor Pedestal

I have one on both of my properties so far.

Like stated above, barely ever see someone out there, unless there is a problem. (which knock on wood, has been great for the last year or so)

I look at it this way.  If there is a problem.. if a line has to be replaced, etc, that its a much shorter run, etc to be done.
Less distance for the cord to travel, less chance of something going wrong, etc.

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Re: Rogers Outdoor Pedestal

I have a green Rogers box in front of my house in Oshawa.
This has been an ongoing problem as people walking by like to graffiti on it, and the lines going to the neighbour’s house we’re not buried properly and end up being dug up. Then a repair person has to come and fix the line.
Today a repair person from Rogers came and directed new lines from the pedestal to neighbours on both sides of my house. One line was actually sent up to the power lines and brought back via the neighbours service mast into their home. Now I have a black wire up in the air right in front of my house at the pedestal. I surely hope this is only temporary as it looks awful and is almost insulting.
Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Rogers Outdoor Pedestal

Temporary can sometimes last a long time, especially in the winter.  Since it's no longer winter, if this is something that could easily have been done in a different manner without the "eyesore", I would certainly give Rogers Installations a call and discuss the issue with them.  Find out the timing of the permanent fix and whether in the meantime they could route the cable in a different, not so objectionable, manner.


Here's a link that may be useful: