Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10?

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Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10?

Rogers Online Protection Sideloading with Windows Defender


Usually when Rogers Online Protection is installed and running correctly, most features of Windows Defender will stop running so that the other antivirus installed can run without any problems or interruptions. This no longer happens after updating to the latest version of Windows (April 2018 Update). Instead, when I install Rogers Online Protection, at first it overrides Windows Defender fine. But after the required restart, Windows no longer identifies ROP as an active antivirus, even though it is on and running. This results in ROP and Windows Defender running at the same time, making it hard to use one antivirus for everything. I just wanted to know if Rogers has a fix for this or is planning an update soon, as I have been experiencing this for more than a month now as I thought the program would be updated.

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Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10?

Hello @chrism22!


This sounds like it may be an issue with Windows Action Centre since it overrides at first but then doesn't kick in after the restart. From previous experience, this isn't a completely uncommon issue with Windows. In the past when I've seen this, there's a delay or lag in recognizing your antivirus. If you wait 5-10 minutes after the restart, does it kick in then?


If not, have you tried reaching out to Microsoft to see if they have any suggestions? You can always disable Windows Defender manually to avoid conflicts.




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Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10?

Does Rogers Online Protection still exist in 2020 for Ignite customers?

Is it compatible with Windows 10?


If it does still exist, is there any information on the company that provides this and the quality of the service?


Thank you.


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Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10?

Hello, @chomyn.


Thank you for your query, the Rogers Online Protection is compatible with Windows 10. However, it is not compatible with your Ignite TV services. A wide variety of anti-virus software is available in the market, and you can choose an option to suit your specific needs. Thank you for understanding!