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Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10?

I've Been Here Awhile

Will Rogers Online Protection be certified with windows 10 by July



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Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10

I've Been Here Awhile

So I just installed Windows 10, everthign ran smoothly even Rogers Online Protection. As soon as Rogers required an update to my computer it stopped working and sais Your Rogers Online Protection License Key has expired. I wasn't event able to renew it or buy a new one so I contact tech support Live Chat and they came to the conclusion that I did not require to renew the license but that Rogers Online Protection does not work with Windows 10 and was advised to use Windows 10 online protection until Rogers will notify me that their software will work with Windows 10. Until than I am stuck with Windows defender and using Windows firewall which the Rogers technician advised me that Rogers Online Protection is more secure. 


My question to the forum is that very same thing, does anyone know if Rogers Online Protection is more secure than Windows Firewall combined with Windows Defender?


I would like to know your opinions as I am still paying into this service with Rogers even when I am not longer protected by them. I am just waiting for them to notify me now.



Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10

I'm a Trusted Contributor

According to @Gdkitty, (message 10 above) Windows 10 also comes with Microsoft Security Essentials and there are many posts on various threads here that would recommend MSE over ROP. Since I do not have Windows 10, I cannot say for sure, but I do know it can be downloaded for free.  I have always been happy with MSE. I am not sure I would take the word of a Rogers technician who advised me that Rogers Online Protection is more secure.

Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10

Well it doesnt come with MSE.. but its a built in DEFENDER.. but has the MSE and DEFENDER stuff all in one in it.

Been running that here so far with no issues.. but i also run malwarebytes regularily as well.


But there are many other 3rd party options as well to use which will work with windows 10

Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10

Why is ROP not compatible with Windows 10?

Re: Rogers Online Protection on Windows 10



Windows 10 introduces some big changes to Windows, including special requirements for security software certification. This has made the current version of Rogers Online Protection incompatible. We are working to release a version that will be fully compatible with Windows 10 and certified by Microsoft. We’ll release it as soon as it’s ready.