Rogers Online Protection Issues

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Re: Rogers Online Protection Issues

Hello, @Chiquita2


@Chiquita2 wrote:

Thank you for your reply to my question.  Rogers online Protection is working but I can't find it anywhere on my desktop.  I have Roger's Techxpert which is active and the icon, but not Rogers online protection.


You're welcome. Were you able to figure out where to locate the Rogers Online Protection icon? The icon should be listed in the system tray at the bottom right side of the screen where you see the time. Alternately, you can search for Rogers Online Protection and add the shortcut. 




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Re: Rogers Online Protection Issues

Thank you, problem solved.

I've Been Around
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Re: Rogers Online Protection Issues


I installed ROP a week ago, and keep receiving security warnings that the security package is outdated. I contacted customer services and the only solution was to reinstall ROP. The issue continues. 


I was looking to get an AV until I will upgrade to Windows 10 (still running on Windows 7), but still getting the wrong product. I purchased Total AV - did not work, now I have ROP Premium which I cannot trust. By signing ROP service agreement, you sell your life to Rogers. 

I will definitely uninstall ROP, but I need a strong AV until upgrading to Windows 10. Can anyone recommend a good AV that will work with Windows 7?


Thank you,