Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

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Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Good morning @Carlos4949!


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your post!


May you provide a little bit more info. on which modem you have and what gaming device you're connecting to? Additionally, have you had a chance to review the earlier posts in this thread? There's some good discussion about the topic.





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Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

I have the same issues with that service from Rogers. Im so fed up with restarting modem 5 times a day. I set up all the ports. Set up some hosts, geteways, played with Firewall and i still loosing connections while playing multiplayer. Why am i paying 80$ for this service ? I think Rogers is the worst internet service provider i ever had to deal with in my entire life and i dont belive there is a worst service provider!!!!

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Re: Rogers Modem NAT problems / gaming ?

Change router setting to ip4 only .you are welcome